10 Amazing Facts about Mars Planet

Post On: June 10, 2017
By: Agustina

You will be informed with the fourth planet in the solar system by reading Facts about Mars Planet. People often call it Red Planet. The name is taken from the Roman god of war. It is the second smallest planet. The first one is Mercury. When you look at the pictures of Mars, the planet appears red. This planet is covered by a thin atmosphere.  The surface features of Mars are similar with the polar ice, deserts and valleys of earth and craters of Moon. Here are other impressive facts to notice about Mars planet.

Facts about Mars Planet 1: Olympus Mons

The second highest known mountain in Solar System is located in Mars. It is called Olympus Mons, which also takes the title as the largest volcano.

Facts about Mars Planet 2: canyon

Mars also has a very large canyon. It is called Valles Marineris.

Facts about Mars Planet

Facts about Mars Planet

Facts about Mars Planet 3: seasons

Mars also experiences seasons due to its tilting position. The seasonal cycles and rotational period are similar with those of our planet.

Facts about Mars Planet 4: moons

Phobos and Deimos are the two natural moons of Mars. Both have irregular shapes.

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Facts about Mars Planet 5: Borealis basin

Planet is covered by 40 percent of Borealis basin located at the northern region.

Mars Planet

Mars Planet

Facts about Mars Planet 6: researches about Mars

In the past, the scientists are interested to research the natural satellite of earth, the moon. Today, the interest is shifted toward Mars. Many scientists from different parts of the world try to find out the potential habitability of Mars. The plan for Mars exploration has been made with ExoMarsh rovers and Mars 2020 project.

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Facts about Mars Planet 7: liquid water

The atmospheric pressure of Mars is very low. Thus, the planet does not have liquid water. However, it has two polar ice caps, which may contain water. The south polar ice cap contained volume of water ice, which may cover the Mars surface with the depth of 36 feet if it melts.

Facts about Mars Planet 8: an underground ice

There was a report by NASA, which stated that Utopia Planitia of Mars contained underground ice in November 2016.

Mars Planet Facts

Mars Planet Facts

Facts about Mars Planet 9: the appearance of Mars

Due to the reddish coloring and shorter distance, people on earth can view Mars with naked eyes.

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Facts about Mars Planet 10: the surface color

The surface color of Mars is ranging from tan, brown, and golden.

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