10 Cool Facts about Maine

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You will be informed with the northernmost state in US. You can find provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick to the north, Atlantic Ocean to the east and New Hampshire to the west. Maine is always known due to its impressive waterways, rolling mountains, rocky coastlines, and amazing seafood culinary. Lobsters and clams from Maine are famous in United States. Augusta is the capital of Maine. Portland is the most populous city.  Get other interesting facts about Maine by reading the following post:

Cool Facts about Maine 1: climate

Maine has the continental climate.  It is located near the coastal lines. There is no need to wonder that the seafood industry in the state is flourished.  The cold and snowy condition is spotted during the winter season. The northern areas of Maine have to deal with the severe form of winter season.

Cool Facts about Maine 2: the indigenous people

The indigenous people who lived in Maine were the Algonquian-speaking peoples when the Europeans arrived here.

Maine Facts

Maine Facts

Cool Facts about Maine 3: the first European settlement

Saint Croix Island was the first European settlement in Maine. It was established by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons in 1604.

Cool Facts about Maine 4: Popham Colony

Popham colony was first English settlement in Maine. In 1607, it was established by Plymouth Company. However, it was only short lived.

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Cool Facts about Maine 5: hardship

In 1620s, the coast of Maine was mainly occupied by a number of English settlements. They survived here despite the conflict, deprivations and hard climate.

Maine Map

Maine Map

Cool Facts about Maine 6: the British occupation

The British forces controlled Maine during the war of 1812. Since United States appeared as the winner during the American Revolution war, British had to return the territory.

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Cool Facts about Maine 7: population

Maine is a home for 1,329,328 people according to the estimation of US Census Bureau on 1 July 2015. Kennebec County located east of Augusta is considered as the mean center of population.

Cool Facts about Maine 8:  the ethnicity

The non-Hispanic White occupied almost 94.4 percent of Maine according to 2010 census.



Cool Facts about Maine 9: the religious affiliation

The religious affiliation in Maine is dominated by Catholic Church with 28 percent. Protestant and Evangelical protestant occupy 7 percent and 4 percent respectively.

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Cool Facts about Maine 10: the largest religious institution

The largest religious institution was Catholic Church for it has 202,106 members.

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