10 Cool Facts about Malaysia

Post On: April 25, 2017
By: Agustina

A notable country in Southeast Asia is elaborated on cool facts about Malaysia. This federal constitutional monarchy has the land area of 127,720 square miles or 330,803 sq km. It consists of three federal territories and 13 states. Actually, it has two major land areas of East Malaysia and Peninsular Malaysia. Both areas are separated by South China Sea. You will get the detail information about Malaysia by reading the below post:

Cool Facts about Malaysia 1: Peninsular Malaysia

Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore share the maritime border with Peninsular Malaysia.  Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia share both maritime and land borders.

Cool Facts about Malaysia 2: East Malaysia

Vietnam and Philippines share the maritime border with East Malaysia. On other hand, Indonesia and Brunei share both maritime and land borders with East Malaysia.

Facts about Malaysia

Facts about Malaysia

Cool Facts about Malaysia 3: capital city

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. The federal government is housed in Putrajaya.

Cool Facts about Malaysia 4: the population

Malaysia is a home for more than 30 million people. Thus, it is placed at the 44th most populous country in the world. The history of Malaysia could be traced back in 18th century. It was under the rule of British Empire.

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Cool Facts about Malaysia 5: the multi ethnicity and multi culture

Malaysia is dominated by the Malay people. However, it is also a home for indigenous people, Malaysian Indians and Malaysian Chinese.



Cool Facts about Malaysia 6: the state religion

The state religion of Malaysia is Islam according to the constitution. However, the Malaysians are allowed to embrace different religion.

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Cool Facts about Malaysia 7: the head of state

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong is the king of Malaysia who serves as the head of the state. The prime minister serves as the head of the government.

Cool Facts about Malaysia 8: economy

Malaysia is a prosperous country. For nearly 50 years, it has the average GDP growth of 6.5 percent.

Malaysia Razak

Malaysia Razak

Cool Facts about Malaysia 9: the economic sectors

The economic sectors of Malaysia are expanded toward medical tourism, commerce, tourism and science.

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Cool Facts about Malaysia 10: the famous landmark

The famous landmark of Malaysia is Petronas Towers. They earn the title as the tallest twin-towers in the world. It is the base for Petronas, the national oil company in the country.

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