10 Facts about Labia Minora

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Facts about Labia Minora tell the readers about a part of female genital. The word labia minora is taken from Latin word which means small lips. The singular word for labia minora is labium minus. It can be called in various names such as nymphae, vaginal lips, inner lips or inner labia. The location of labia minora is on either side of the vagina. They are two flaps of skin located the outer part of vulva.  Let us check other interesting facts about labia minora in the following post below:

Facts about Labia Minora 1: the features of labia minora

If you think that all women in the world have the labia minora with similar shape, color and size, you are wrong. They can be varying from one person to another person.

Facts about Labia Minora 2: the extension of labia minora

The beginning of labia minora is located at the clitoris. Then it will come downward at the outer lips.

labia minora facts

labia minora facts

Facts about Labia Minora 3: the secreted mucus

Labia minora is protected from the mechanical irritation and dryness due to the secreted mucus from the vaginal glands.

Facts about Labia Minora 4: the shape of labia minora

As I have stated before, the shape labia minora is distinctive from one woman to another. It can be, narrow, thin, thick or even large.

labia minora

labia minora

Facts about Labia Minora 5: the longer or wider labia minora

The different people view the beauty of labia minora considerably. Some men and women like to spot the bigger and longer labia minora, while others are not in favor.

Facts about Labia Minora 6: the discomfort

Even though the beauty of wider and longer labia minora is emphasized, some women are not comfortable. When they wear tight clothes, the mechanical irritation often occurs.

labia minora pictures

labia minora pictures

Facts about Labia Minora 7: the negative association

There is a negative association related to the bigger and wider labia minora because of the stereotype of perfect compact genital for women.

Facts about Labia Minora 8: the average size of labia minora

There was a research conducted by Elizabeth Garret Anderson Hospital in London about the size of Labia Minora. On average, the length of Labia Minora is 20 to 100, while width is 7 to 50.

Facts about Labia Minora 9: labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a surgery performed to correct the shape of labia minora.

facts about labia minora

facts about labia minora

Facts about Labia Minora 10: the popularity of labiaplasty

The popularity of labiaplasty is increased because of the portrayal of sleek and compact labia in pornography and art.

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