10 Facts about Labiaplasty

Post On: October 2, 2016
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A plastic surgery intended to change the physical look of labia is explained on Facts about Labiaplasty.  The focus is to modify the shape of labia majora or outer lips or labia minora or inner lips of female vulva. This procedure is also called as labial reduction, labia minora reduction or Labioplasty.  Let us check other interesting facts about Labiaplasty in the below post:

Facts about Labiaplasty 1: the reasons of conducting Labiaplasty

There are two primary reasons why women perform Labiaplasty. The women who have physical discomfort due to the appearance of their labia will seek this procedure. They believe that the shape of their labia is not normal so that they change it. The other women who have congenital condition like intersex opt for the procedure.

facts about labiaplasty

facts about labiaplasty

Facts about Labiaplasty 2: the shape, color and size of labia

Each woman in the world has different shape, color and size related to her labia.  It can be dark or even light.

Facts about Labiaplasty 3: the change of shape, color and size of labia

The labia may change due to the natural process such as aging, menopause or childbirth.

Facts about Labiaplasty 4: the congenital defects

The women who have congenital defects will look for Labiaplasty to fix it. The defects related to the genital include the intersex condition, Müllerian agenesis and vaginal atresia.  The intersex condition is defined as having male and female sexual characteristics. The malformed fallopian tubes and uterus are seen in Müllerian agenesis. The absence of the vaginal passage is spotted in vaginal atresia. Find facts about labia minora here.

labiaplasty image

labiaplasty image

Facts about Labiaplasty 5: the report from Journal of Sexual Medicine

There was a report regarding Labiaplasty based on the study of Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2008. The women who had the procedure to fix the defects were 32 percent. The women who did it for aesthetic reason and correcting defects were 31 percent. Those who conducted it for aesthetic reason solely were 37 percent.

Facts about Labiaplasty 6: the satisfaction

The Journal also mentioned the satisfaction range of the women who had the procedure. The range for the overall satisfaction was 90 to 95 percent.

labiaplasty facts

labiaplasty facts

Facts about Labiaplasty 7: the risk of Labiaplasty

Even though many patients are satisfied, they are at risk after having this procedure. The risks are reduced sensitivity, irritation, bleeding, infection and scarring.

Facts about Labiaplasty 8: natural variation in labia

The number of having Labiaplasty is reduced at 28 percent when the women are told about the different variations of labia.

Facts about Labiaplasty 9: Genital piercing

The weight of the ornaments on the genital piercing may affect the size of labia.

labiaplasty pic

labiaplasty pic

Facts about Labiaplasty 10: size of labia

On average, women have the length of labia majora at 7.0 – 12.0 cm, while the labia minora at 20 – 100 mm.

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