10 Facts about Labor Party

Post On: October 5, 2016
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The political party in Australia is explained on Facts about Labor Party. Since the 2013, ALP or Australian Labor Party set their way as the opposition at the federal level. Since October 13, 2013, the federal parliamentary leader of ALP has been Bill Shorten. The branches of ALP can be found at the territories and states in the country. Let us check other interesting facts about Labor Party below:

Facts about Labor Party 1: the labor party in the government

The labor party representatives can be spotted in the government in some states of Australia such as in South Australia, Queensland and Victoria.

facts about labor party

facts about labor party

Facts about Labor Party 2: the competition

In the state and federal states, Labor Party has to compete with the National and Liberal coalition.  Find facts about Labour Party here.

Facts about Labor Party 3: the purpose of ALP

What is the purpose of Labor Party? It focuses to establish the democratic socialization on the exchange, distribution, production and industry. That is based on the constitution of labor party.

Facts about Labor Party 4: the primary purposes of ALP today

Today, there are two primary purposes, which define labor party. One is focusing on the right to own private property. Another purpose is to maintain and support the non-monopolized private sector.

labor party facts

labor party facts

Facts about Labor Party 5: the current platform of Labor Party

Labor Party redefines their platform as a modern social democratic party currently.

Facts about Labor Party 6: as a federal party

In 1901, Labor Party sat for the first time in the Australian Parliament. Then it was established as a federal party.

labor party australia

labor party australia

Facts about Labor Party 7: the oldest political party

The status of the oldest political party in Australia is taken by Labor Party. The origin of the party was associated with the labor parties in several Australian colonies in 1892.

Facts about Labor Party 8: 1910 federal election

In 1910 federal election, the majority votes were for Labor Party in Australian Parliament.

Facts about Labor Party 9: the international position of ALP

In the past, Labor Party was a member of the Socialist International. Now it is a member of Progressive Alliance network of social-democratic parties.

labor party australia

labor party australia

Facts about Labor Party 10: Labour candidates

The 1891 New South Wales election marked the first participation of Labour candidates. There were 141 seats. The candidates from Labour Party earned 35 of them.

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