10 Facts about Lacazette

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Let us check the information about the notable footballer from France on Facts about Lacazette. He is a member of French national team. Today he plays for Lyon as a forward. It is a football club in France. He was born on 28 May 1991. Since 2010, Lacazette had participated in 200 football matches. He created 80 goals during his career. Here are other facts about Lacazette to learn:

Facts about Lacazette 1: the title

Lacazette earned the title as the UNFP Ligue 1 Player of the Year and Ligue 1’s top scorer for 2014-15 season. He had 33 games and scored 27 goals.



Facts about Lacazette 2: the youth level

In the youth level, Lacazette always participates on the behalf of his country, France. When he served in France under-19 team, he earned victory at the 2010 UEFA European Under-19 Championship. During the final, the French national team was against Spain. During the game, Lacazette played an important role due his match-winning goal.

Facts about Lacazette 3: the senior international debut

In June 2013, Lacazette had his senior international debut. In March 2015, he created the first goal.

Facts about Lacazette 4: the interest of football

Lacazette was interested to play football since he was a kid. When he was seven, he started to play this popular game. He became a player in Elan sportif. It was a local club.

lacazette pictures

lacazette pictures

Facts about Lacazette 5: the training

After Lacazette was accepted in the club, he went to the training center of the club. It was located at the Centre Tola Vologe. Many coaches who had trained him in the training center often compared Lacazette with Sonny Anderson. He was a former Lyon striker.

Facts about Lacazette 6: the under 18 team

Lacazette was included in the under-18 team of Lyon when he was still a youth player. During the 2007-2008 seasons, he ranked at the third place at Championnat National 18 ans.

facts about lacazette

facts about lacazette

Facts about Lacazette 7: Championnat de France amateur team

Lacazette scored 5 goals from 19 matches that he participated at Championnat de France amateur team in the club.

Facts about Lacazette 8: Lacazette in 2009-2010

Lacazette stole the limelight during 2009-2010 season. He had 22 appearances where he scored 12 goals in CFA.

Facts about Lacazette 9: Roma

Roma, an Italian football club was interested with Lacazette due to his amazing international campaign.

lacazette facts

lacazette facts

Facts about Lacazette 10: the media

The media also praised his performance on the field.  He still has the contract with Lyon until 2019.

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