10 Facts about Lachesis

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Facts about Lachesis inform the readers with an ancient Greek religion. Lachesis takes the second position in Three Fates of Greece. They are Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Demica is the equivalent of Lachesis in Roman virtue. Lachesis was mostly dressed in white clothes.  The primary job of Lachesis was to determine the thread of life or Destiny. Let us find out other useful facts about Lachesis below:

Facts about Lachesis 1: measuring the thread of life

She would use her rod to measure the thread of life. Therefore, the age of each person was determined by the thread of life.   She was called as the apportioner.

lachesis image

lachesis image

Facts about Lachesis 2: the measurement of the thread

The destiny of a person would be determined by Lachesis after she measured the thread.

Facts about Lachesis 3: the fate of the baby

There was a myth believed that the ancient Greeks that the baby’s fate would be decided by Lachesis and his sisters three days after it was born.

Facts about Lachesis 4: the sisters of Lachesis

The sisters of Lachesis were Atropos and Clotho.  That is based on the Hesiod’s Theogony.

lachesis pictures

lachesis pictures

Facts about Lachesis 5: parents of Lachesis

It was believed that the mother of Lachesis was Nyx or Night. Her father was Eresbus or Darkness. However, it was stated that Zeus and Themis were the parents of Lachesis in the later work.

Facts about Lachesis 6: the Republic of Plato

There was another belief related to the parents of Lachesis.  It was cited that she was the daughter of Necessity based on the 10th book of Republic of the Plato.



Facts about Lachesis 7: the next life

There would be all of the kinds, animals and human forms for the souls who were about to select the next life. The instruction would be given by Lachesis. The souls will be assigned with lots.

Facts about Lachesis 8: the nickname

Lachesis is also called as the allotter and the caster of lots. Each person will be allotted with thread of life based on the rod of Lachesis.

Facts about Lachesis 9: the symbol and depiction

Lachesis was symbolized with a globe or scrolls. The matron was used to depict her.

lachesis facts

lachesis facts

Facts about Lachesis 10: dice

The dice is always associated with Lachesis due to the lots that she used to determine the afterlife of the souls. The dice was applied for divination and prophecy in the ancient time.

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