10 Facts about Ladakh

Post On: December 1, 2016
By: Agustina

A region in Indian state of Kashmir and Jammu is explained on Facts about Ladakh.  The people with Tibetan and Indo-Aryan descent live in Ladakh, which spans from the Kunlun Mountain to Great Himalayas. When talking about the culture of the people who live in Ladakh, it is always associated with Tibetan culture. Not many people live in this region.

Facts about Ladakh 1:  the fame of Ladakh

Ladakh is a famous region in India. The culture is distinctive. The mountain is also beautiful.



Facts about Ladakh 2: the dispute

China and India have been in dispute related to their borders. One of the disputed areas is Aksai Chin claimed to be a part of Ladakh by India. China claims the region as a part of Hotan County.

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Facts about Ladakh 3: a brief war

There was a brief war between China and India in 1962 related to the disputes of Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin. The Line of Actual Control was established with agreements by China and India in 1993 and 1996.

Facts about Ladakh 4: the importance

The location of Ladakh is strategic. That is why it is considered as an important region for the trade routes. The international trade was declined because of China decided to close down the Central Asia and Tibet borders in 1960s. Tourism is still maintained in the area.

ladakh facts

ladakh facts

Facts about Ladakh 5:  the tourism in Ladakh

The strong presence of Indian military has been spotted since 1974 since the government of India has successful improved the tourism in Ladakh.

Facts about Ladakh 6: the largest towns

There are several large towns in Ladakh. Leh is the largest town. Kargil is the second one.

facts about ladakh

facts about ladakh

Facts about Ladakh 7: the people in Ladakh

More than 50 percent of the people who live in Ladakh are Shia Muslims. The Tibetan Buddhists are also present.

Facts about Ladakh 8: the vegetation

Ladakh features sparse vegetation. However, you can spot the high number of vegetation in the irrigated places, high slopes, wetlands and streambeds.

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Facts about Ladakh 9: the wildlife

An Austrian-Czech paleontologist named Ferdinand Stoliczka was the first European who studied the wildlife in Ladakh.

ladakh pic

ladakh pic

Facts about Ladakh 10: the fauna of Ladakh

In general, the fauna in Ladakh resembles the one found in Central Asia.   During the summer season in Ladakh, you can spot various birds migrating in the area to enjoy the warmth.

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