10 Facts about Lagoons

Post On: December 3, 2016
By: Agustina

Let us check the fun information about a shallow body of water on Facts about Lagoons. There are two types of lagoons. They are the atoll lagoons and coastal lagoons.  The body of water is also spotted on the gravel and sandy coastlines. Some people often confused with the usage of terms estuaries and lagoons. Actually, the latter term is always associated with the coastal feature.

Facts about Lagoons 1: the natural and fabricated lagoons

If you think that all lagoons are natural, you are wrong. The man-made lagoons are observable too.  The people build the lagoons for managing the wastewater. The examples of the man-made lagoons include the anaerobic lagoons and aerated lagoons.

lagoons image

lagoons image

Facts about Lagoons 2: the primary characteristic of lagoons

Lagoons always occur in shallow area. The coastal features like coral reef and shoal separate the lagoons from the large body of water.

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Facts about Lagoons 3: the freshwater or seawater body

Some believe that the word lagoon is applied for the seawater and freshwater bodies. However, some believe that the term lagoon is only applicable for the body of water with salinity.

Facts about Lagoons 4: the examples of lagoons

There are various lagoons in the world. However, not all of them bear the word lagoon for their common names. The bodies of water classified as lagoon include The Fleet at Chesil Beach in England, Great South Bay in New York, Lake Illawarra in New South Wales, Isle of Wight Bay, and Montrose Basin in Scotland.



Facts about Lagoons 5: the atoll lagoons

The formation of atoll lagoons is caused by the higher growth of coral reef above the sea level. The depth of atoll lagoons is less than 20 meters.

Facts about Lagoons 6: the coastal lagoons

The global warming affects the coastal lagoons for they are very sensitive when the sea level changes. It might be short lived for most of them are dynamic and young.

bora bora lagoon

bora bora lagoon

Facts about Lagoons 7: the presence of lagoons

The coastal lagoons make up 15 percent of the shorelines in the world. More than 75 percent of lagoons in United States can be found along the Gulf coasts.

Facts about Lagoons 8: the nature of lagoons

There are several factors which affect the nature of lagoons such as the precipitation, evaporation, inflow of freshwater and inlet size and number.

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Facts about Lagoons 9: the degree of salinity

The degree of salinity of lagoons is very high if it has low level of precipitation and high level of evaporation.

facts about lagoons

facts about lagoons

Facts about Lagoons 10: the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is a type of lagoon, which has the strong mixing and tidal current due to the wide inlets.

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