10 Facts about Lagos Nigeria

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Facts about Lagos Nigeria impress the readers with a city located in Nigeria. It has an amazing growth level. In Africa, it is considered as a center of finance. The Federal Government managed the city area of Lagos. Then the area was split. In 1914, Lagos was selected as the capital of Nigeria. It also served as the capital of Lagos State. In 1976, the state capital was relocated to Ikeja. In 1991, Abuja became the federal capital. Let us find out other interesting facts about Lagos Nigeria below:

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 1: as an urban conurbation or agglomeration

Lagos actually is a large conurbation or agglomeration for it covers the 16 Lagos Metropolitan Areas, which includes Ikeja. However, most people prefer to call it as a city. It is also recognized as the Metropolitan Lagos.

facts about lagos nigeria

facts about lagos nigeria

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 2: the population and area

More than 85 percent of the residents in Nigeria live in Lagos. It makes up around 37 percent of the total land area of the country.

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Facts about Lagos Nigeria 3: the total population

There was a dispute related to the total population in Lagos.  It was cited that the city was occupied by 8 million people in 2006. However, there was a report, which stated that 16 million people living in Lagos based on the report of Lagos State Government.

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 4: the islands

Lagos has several islands connected using bridges. You can spot different sizes of creeks, which separate the islands in Lagos.

lagos nigeria map

lagos nigeria map

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 5: the main urban islands

Victoria Island and Lagos Island are the two primary islands in Lagos, Nigeria.  The other islands include Eti-Osa, Apapa and Amuwo-Odofin.

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 6: the bridges

Various bridges are spotted along Lagos. The Third Mainland Bridge spans on Lagos Lagoons and other mainland suburbs. Other bridges are the Eko Bridge and Carter Bridge.

lagos nigeria pic

lagos nigeria pic

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 7: the central business district

A central business district in Lagos is recognized with the high buildings.  Idumota and Balogun Markets are some of the most popular marketplaces in the city.

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 8: the amazing buildings

If you are in Lagos, you can spot various amazing buildings like the Oba’s Palace, Christ’s Church Cathedral, Glover Memorial Hall, National Museum of Nigeria and Central Mosque.

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Facts about Lagos Nigeria 9: Victoria Island

The luxury apartments, housing and condominiums are found in Victoria Island. There is no need to wonder that the price of the properties is very expensive.

lagos metropolitan area

lagos metropolitan area

Facts about Lagos Nigeria 10: the concentrated population

Since the mainland of Lagos features various industries, the people are concentrated in the area.

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