10 Facts about Lake Baikal

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The rift lake in Russia is explained in the following facts about Lake Baikal. The word is taken from the Mongolian language, which means The Nature Lake. The lake shares border with the Buryat Republic located at the southeast. At the northwest, you can spot Irkust Irkutsk Oblast. It is positioned in southern Siberia. Here are the other interesting facts about Lake Baikal to notice:

Facts about Lake Baikal 1: the freshwater source

Lake Baikal takes the record as the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume. The unfrozen surface of fresh water in Lake Baikal makes up 20 percent of the world’s water source.

lake baikal pic

lake baikal pic

Facts about Lake Baikal 2: the depth of Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is called as the deepest lake in the world. It has the depth measured at 5,387 feet or 1,642 meter. It contains the freshwater of 5,700 cubic miles or 23,615.39 km cubic.

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Facts about Lake Baikal 3: other records

Lake Baikal also breaks other records. It earns the status as the oldest lake in the world for its history can be traced back 25 million years old.  The water clarity is fascinating which earns Lake Baikal as the clearest lake in the world. By the surface area, it is the seventh largest lake.

Facts about Lake Baikal 4: the surface area

The surface area of Lake Baikal is measured at 12,248 square miles or 31,722 km square.  The formation of the lake was conducted in an ancient rift valley.

lake baikal

lake baikal

Facts about Lake Baikal 5: the plants and animals

There are various plants and animals living around Lake Baikal. Some species are unique for they cannot be found in other parts of the world.

Facts about Lake Baikal 6: the important status

In 1996, Lake Baikal was enlisted as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


lake baikal fish

lake baikal fish

Facts about Lake Baikal 7: the local people

The local people who live around Lake Baikal are the Buryat People. You can spot them inhabiting the eastern part.  These people like to rear camels, sheep, goats and cattle.

Facts about Lake Baikal 8: the temperature

The highest temperature during the summer season is measured at 57 degrees F. The highest temperature for winter is around -2 degrees F.

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Facts about Lake Baikal 9: the basins

There are three basins found in Lake Baikal.  They are the South, Central and North Basins. It has different depths.

facts about lake baikal

facts about lake baikal

Facts about Lake Baikal 10: the age of Lake Baikal

The experts estimate that the age of the lake is around 25 to 30 million years.

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