10 Facts about Lake Garda

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Facts about Lake Garda will present information about the largest lake in Italy. The location of this lake is northern Italy. The lake is very famous and popular in Europe. People love to come to the lake to enjoy the beauty of fresh environment. Lake Garda is included in three provinces of Italy. The north part is for Trentino. The south-west is included in Brescia, while the south-east is for Verona. Let us check other interesting facts about Lake Garda below:

Facts about Lake Garda 1: the name of the lake

The name of the lake is taken from the town, which had similar name, Garda. The name was dated back in 8th century. The word garda is taken from the warda, a Germanic word. The meaning is place of observation or place of guard.

lake garda beauty

lake garda beauty

Facts about Lake Garda 2: the small islands

You can spot various small islands on Lake Garda. Isola del Garda is the largest island in the lake. There was a monastery founded by St. Francis of Assisi in 1220 on the island. Now, the people who come to the island may view Venetian Gothic styled building dated back in 19th century.

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Facts about Lake Garda 3: the other major islands

Lake Garda also has other major islands like Isola di Trimelone, Isola di Sogno, Isola dell’Olivo and Isola dei Conigli. The latter one is called Island of the Rabbits.

Facts about Lake Garda 4: the tributaries

Lake Garda has several tributaries. Sarca River is the primary one. Other tributaries include Varone/Magnone River and Ponale River. Lake Garda only has one outlet. It is Mincio River.

facts about lake garda

facts about lake garda

Facts about Lake Garda 5: the climate

The people love to come to Lake Garda due to its amazing mild climate. You can also spot various Mediterranean plants growing along the lake. They include citrus trees and olive trees.

Facts about Lake Garda 6: tourism

Tourism along Lake Garda has flourished post World War 2. The wind vivifies the mild climate of Lake Garda.

lake garda boat

lake garda boat

Facts about Lake Garda 7: the rare salmon fish

Lake Garda is a home to a rare salmon fish called the carpione or Salmo carpio. It is native to the lake.

Facts about Lake Garda 8: the population of Salmo carpio

The pollution and overfishing make the population of salmo carpio decline.

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Facts about Lake Garda 9: the lake trout

Another population is the lake trout.  They have silvery body color with some black spots.


lake garda view

lake garda view

Facts about Lake Garda 10: the ferry services

The ferry services are available in Lake Garda if you are interested to visit other towns along the lake.

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