10 Facts about Lake Mungo

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Let us find the complete information about an Australian horror film on Facts about Lake Mungo.  Have you watched this low budget movie before? It was released in 1008. Talia Zucker was the main cast in the movie. Joel Anderson is the film director. The movie is created using a documentary format.  The below post will reveal the elaborate information about Lake Mungo.

Facts about Lake Mungo 1: the documentary format

It is a story about a family who has to deal with the death of their drowning daughter, which may involve with supernatural power. After the death of their daughter, the family experiences the supernatural events.

facts about lake mungo

facts about lake mungo

Facts about Lake Mungo 2: the reception of Lake Mungo

Despite the limited release, Lake Mungo earned critical acclaim. This movie is produced using a very low budget.

Facts about Lake Mungo 3: Alice Palmer

Alice Palmer is the daughter of a family drowned in the movie. She is 16 years old.

Facts about Lake Mungo 4: the appearance of Alice’s ghost

Alice has a brother named Matthew. After she died, Matthew set several cameras in the house. They captured the appearance of Alice’s ghost.
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Facts about Lake Mungo 5: the cast of the movie

The cast in Lake Mungo includes Talia Zucker as Alice Palmer, David Pledger as Russell Palmer, Rosie Traynor as June Palmer, Steve Jodrell as Ray Kemeny, Martin Sharpe as Mathew Palmer, Helen Bath as Helen Bath, Scott Terrill as Brett Toohey, and Tamara Donnellan as Marissa Toohey.

Facts about Lake Mungo 6: the writing process

In 2005, the writing process for the bulk of the film was started. It was not easy to earn the funding for another script due to the larger budget.

Facts about Lake Mungo 7: the low budget movie

Anderson decided to create a script of Lake Mungo, which could be filmed using a low budget.

Facts about Lake Mungo 8: the funding of Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo was funded by private investors at first. Then it received further funding from the Screen Australia.

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Facts about Lake Mungo 9: the length of the shooting

It only took around five weeks for the film to shoot. The documentary effect was achieved by having the low profile actors.

Facts about Lake Mungo 10: the screening

The movie was screened in few countries in the world.  On 13th March 2009, it appeared at the Travelling Film Festival Wagga Wagga.

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