10 Facts about Lambert Simnel

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Let us get the information related to the pretender of the throne of England on Facts about Lambert Simnel. He was born circa 1477 and died circa 1525. In 1487, he tried to reach the throne of England by claiming to be the Earl of Warwick. At that time, King Henry VII was on his newly established reign. King Henry got the throne from 1485 until 1509. Let us check other facts about Simnel below:

Facts about Lambert Simnel 1: the rebellion

The Earl of Lincoln named John de la Pole organized a Yorkist rebellion where Simnel became the key figure. In 1487, it was possible for the rebellion to be compressed.

facts about lambert simnel

facts about lambert simnel

Facts about Lambert Simnel 2: the pardon

After the rebellion, Simnel achieved a pardon. Then he worked as a servant for Royal Kitchens.

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Facts about Lambert Simnel 3: the early life

It is hard to notice the early life or even real name of Simnel. He was not called Lambert, but John based on the contemporary records.  The historians still suspect his last name too.

Facts about Lambert Simnel 4: the parentage of Simnel

The parentage of Simnel is not exact too for various sources claim different parentage. Some believe that his parent was an organ builder, tradesman or probably a baker. One thing for sure, he came from a humble family.

Facts about Lambert Simnel 5: Richard Simon

Richard Simon was a priest who had received training in Oxford. Simon made Simnel his pupil.

Facts about Lambert Simnel 6: the well-educated boy

Simnel grew up to be a well-educated boy under the supervision of Simon. He taught Simnel the etiquette and courtly manners.  Talking about his physical appearance, Simnel was depicted as a handsome boy by some contemporaries.

Facts about Lambert Simnel 7: the resemblance

Simnel had a resemblance with the sons of King Edward IV.  His face and age were similar with Earl Warwick who had died in the Tower of London.

Facts about Lambert Simnel 8: the rumor

The rumor that Earl Warwick was successfully escaped from the tower was spread by Simon. The Yorkists supported Simon.

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Facts about Lambert Simnel 9: the crown

Simnel was crowned as King Edward VI on 24th May 1487 in Dublin at the age of 10.

Facts about Lambert Simnel 10: aftermath

After the rebellion was failed to capture the throne of England, the young Simnel earned a pardon from the king. He was a puppet during the rebellion.

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