10 Facts about Lambs

Post On: November 24, 2016
By: Agustina

Let me show you the details about a mammal kept as livestock on Facts about Lambs.  This young sheep has the biological name Ovis Aries. The number of lambs in the world reaches one billion. The younger sheep is called lamb, while the adult female is called ewe. The lamb is raised for various purposes.  The people can take the lamb meat and milk from it.  Let us check other interesting facts about lambs below:

Facts about Lambs 1: Sheep husbandry

The sheep husbandry is important in the human culture. This practice was spotted in many civilizations in the world.



Facts about Lambs 2: the sheep production in the world

The production of sheep in the world is mainly spotted in British Isles, central South America, southern South America, New Zealand and Australia.

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Facts about Lambs 3: the term related to lambs

Various terms are used related to lambs. The age, shearing and lambing will affect the terms.

Facts about Lambs 4: the sheep figure

The sheep figure has an important role in the religion as well as mythology. The Greek mythology related to Golden Fleece is very famous in the world.

lamb skull

lamb skull

Facts about Lambs 5: Abraham traditions

The religions, which apply the Abrahamic traditions, consider sheep or lambs as the animals for sacrifice.

Facts about Lambs 6: the diet of lambs

Lambs eat plants and grass. Therefore, they are considered as the herbivorous animals. They will like to eat the plants with high nutrition and easy to digest.



Facts about Lambs 7:  the digestive system

The digestive system of lambs is complex. It has four chambers, which can transform the seed hulls, leaves and stems into simple carbohydrates.

Facts about Lambs 8: the grazing behavior

Lambs have the grazing behavior. The people who want to raise lambs as their livestock should have the idea pastures, which consist of forbs, legumes and grasses. The lambs will feed from dawn to dusk. They perform the diurnal lifestyle.

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Facts about Lambs 9: the toxic plants

Rhododendron, potatoes, yew, acorns, oaks, rhubarb and tomato are some examples of toxic plants for lambs.

facts about lambs

facts about lambs

Facts about Lambs 10: the escaped lambs

You can entice the lambs with abundant food if you want to get back the escaped sheep. This idea is suitable if the lambs are in a small flock.

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