10 Facts about Landforms

Post On: November 25, 2016
By: Agustina

Let us find out the natural feature of earth on facts about landforms. The term topography is used to call the arrangement of landform on the landscape.  The earth features different kinds of landforms such as canyons, plateaus, mountains, hills, mid-ocean ridges, great ocean basins, volcanoes, seas, peninsulas, and bays. The landforms may occur below the seas and on land. Here are other useful facts about landforms:

Facts about Landforms 1: the physical characteristics of landforms

The orientation, type of soil, rock exposure, stratification, slope and elevation are included as the physical characteristics of landforms.



Facts about Landforms 2: the sized scale elements

The size scale elements of landforms can be seen from its size. The mountains are considered as the larger version of the hills. The ponds and lakes have similar characteristics, but both have different size.
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Facts about Landforms 3: the intuitive elements

The intuitive elements of landforms include peninsulas, rivers, ridges, valleys, cliffs, mounds, berms and hills.

Facts about Landforms 4: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Have you gone to Great Smoky Mountains National Park? This national park presents different features of landforms. You may spot the foothills, broad valley, a rolling plain and beautiful Appalachian mountain.



Facts about Landforms 5: the highest order of landforms

Do you know the highest order of landforms? They are continents and oceans.

Facts about Landforms 6: the elements of landforms

The high order landform can be divided into several elements like foreslopes, saddles, shoulder, backslopes and hilltops.

facts about landforms

facts about landforms

Facts about Landforms 7: relief or terrain

Can you define the term terrain? It is used to call the land surface, which has the vertical or third dimension. If you are interested to study about terrain, learn more about topography.

Facts about Landforms 8: generic landforms

The plains, pools, passes, channels, pits, ridges and peaks are some elements of generic landforms.

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Facts about Landforms 9: techniques for describing relief

Several techniques can be applied when you want to describe relief. You can use the triangulated irregular network or even contour lines.

Facts about Landforms 10: what affects the landform?

The shape of the landforms is affected by several factors. The works of algae, the establishment of coral reef, salt marshes and dune system will affect the landforms biologically. Others include the deposition, erosion and plate tectonics. The man made features found on earth are not included as landforms.

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