10 Facts about Land’s End

Post On: November 24, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Land’s End tell you about the holiday complex located in western Cornwall, England. If you visit the mainland Cornwall and England, Land’s End is situated at the westernmost area. If you visit the Land’s End, you can stay at Carn Kez for it features the tourist complex and hotels. The actual Land’s End is called Peal Point where it features the modest headland. Actually, the complex features a number of headlands. The modest one is called as the actual Land’s End. Get other interesting facts about Land’s End below:

Facts about Land’s End 1: resonance

The resonance of Land’s End plays an important part to show the distance. The distance of Land’s End to John o’Groats in Scotland is measured at 1,349 kilometer or 838 mi.

Facts about Land’s End 2: the charitable events

The charitable events are often defined by measuring the distance between Land’s End and John o’Groats. Thus, the officials will know the end-to-end walks and races.

Facts about Land's End

Facts about Land’s End

Facts about Land’s End 3: the northernmost point of England

Land’s End is measured at 895 kilometer or 556 miles apart from the northernmost area of England.

Facts about Land’s End 4: granite

Land’s End is a home of granite. It has two major types of granite. The first granite can be seen at the First and Last House. The phenocrysts are smaller and fewer. However, the grain is finer. The second granite is coarse due to the presence of phenocrysts of orthoclase. It is located nearby the hotel. The length is around 13 cm or 5 inches. It is easy to distinguish the granite from a distance since the finer granite has smoother weathering process.

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Facts about Land’s End 5: the date of granite

The granite found in Land’s End was traced back during the Permian period around 268 to 275 million years ago.

Land's End Pic

Land’s End Pic

Facts about Land’s End 6: rock climbers

Many rock climbers like to come to Land’s End due to its amazing natural beauty and rocks.

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Facts about Land’s End 7: the nearby locations

The nearby location of Land’s End features the offshore and longships lighthouses besides the natural granite.

Facts about Land’s End 8: what are the Longships?

When you are in Land’s End, you can spot a group of rocky islets. It is called the Longships.

Land's End

Land’s End

Facts about Land’s End 9: Lyonesse

According to Arthurian literature, the mythical lost land of Lyonesse was made up by the Isles of Sicilly, Seven Stones Reef and Longships.

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Facts about Land’s End 10: Plantlife

Plantlife is an organization, which awarded the area located around Land’s End as an Important Plant Area. It is a home of rare species of plants.

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