10 Facts about Langar

Post On: November 26, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Langar present the information about a canteen or even kitchen, which serves foods free. All visitors can enjoy the food despite the differences of background, religion and faith.  The food will be served in a Gurdwara. The word Langar is taken from Punjabi word which means kitchen. This term is applied in Sikh religion. Get other interesting facts about Langar below:

Facts about Langar 1: the type of foods

The type of foods that you can find in Langar is the vegetarian ones. Therefore, all people can eat it.

golden temple

golden temple

Facts about Langar 2: the inclusion of meat

Meat is served in Langar at Hazur Sahib and on the event of Holla Mohalla.

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Facts about Langar 3: the first Langar

A Muslim of the Chishti Sufi order named Baba Farid started Langar for the first time. The Sufi Muslims who lived in South Asia practiced Langar. Later, the Sikhs adopted the practice of Langar.

Facts about Langar 4: Guru Nanak

The first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak is believed to have adopted the practice of free kitchen or Langar in Sikhism.



Facts about Langar 5: the purpose of Langar

The purpose of having free kitchen or Langar is to spread the idea of equality among all people. This concept of equality was originated from 16th century in India. Despite the distinction of caste, religion, gender, age, creed, social status and color, all people are allowed to eat in the Langar.

Facts about Langar 6: the other ideas

The other ideas highlighted in Langar are related to practice of community, sharing, and unity of all people in the world.

guru nanak

guru nanak

Facts about Langar 7: the changed Langar practice

The Langar practice was changed after the second Sikh Guru. The meat was not included in Langar.

Facts about Langar 8: the largest Sikh community

Every single day, langar served around 50,000 to 70,000 meals by the largest Sikh communities in Delhi.

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Facts about Langar 9: Golden temple

The kitchen at Golden temple works at least 20 hours per day to provide food for 100,000 people. It is not allowed for Langar to employ caterer for this work is generous. People are encouraged to become the volunteers.

Facts about Langar 10: the open-air langars

The open-air langars are established during the festivals where they can serve more people. At least 100,000 people are served in the Langar.

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