10 Facts about Lantern Fish

Post On: November 27, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lantern Fish remind the people with a type of small mesopelagic fish. It is the member of Myctophidae family. The scientific name of lantern fish is myctophids. The name is taken from the two Greek words of mykter and ophis. The latter one means serpent, while the former one means nose.  The fish can be found on the oceans around the world. Let us check other interesting facts about lantern fish below:

Facts about Lantern Fish 1: the name of the fish

The name of the fish is taken from the usage of bioluminescence.



Facts about Lantern Fish 2: the closer relationship

Lantern fish has a close relationship with the Neoscopelidae. The number of the latter fish is very small, but both share similar characteristics.

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Facts about Lantern Fish 3: the deep-sea fish

The lantern fish is considered as a deep-sea fish. It is estimated that 65 percent of all deep-sea fish is the lantern fish.

Facts about Lantern Fish 4: the importance of lantern fish

Lantern fish is an important fish for it plays a significant role in the ecology.  This fish is populous for it can be found in many parts of the oceans.

Facts about Lantern Fish 5: the global biomass

The biomass of lantern fish reaches 550 to 660 million metric tonnes. They can be found deep under the seawater.

Facts about Lantern Fish 6: the lantern fish fisheries

Even though the population of latern fish is abundant, the number of operated fisheries is limited.  The fisheries can be found in the Gulf of Oman, sub-Antarctic and South Africa.

Facts about Lantern Fish 7: the body of lantern fish

The body of lantern fish features the cycloid scales. The shape of the body is slender. It has an adipose fin, a forked caudal fin, and a single high dorsal fin. The lateral eyes are probably round or elliptical.

Facts about Lantern Fish 8: the other fin

In some cases, the pectoral fins have the eight rays. In few species, they are absent. Another one is anal fin.

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Facts about Lantern Fish 9: Taaningichthys paurolychnus

Taaningichthys paurolychnus is a unique species of lantern fish for it has several light producing organs called photophores.

Facts about Lantern Fish 10: the light emitted by the photophores

The yellow, green or blue light can be emitted by the photophores. In some species of lantern fish, the light comes in distinctive patterns.

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