10 Facts about Lao Tzu

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Facts about Lao Tzu will remind the people with the famous Chinese writer and philosopher. He was recognized as the founder of Taoism. Lao Tzu earns an exceptional status in the traditional Chinese religions and Taoism. He is considered as a deity. It is believed that Lao Tzu lived in 6th century. Some historians state that he lived around fifth and 4th century BC. He is a legendary figure until this present day. Let us check other interesting facts about Lao Tzu in the following post:

Facts about Lao Tzu 1: an important figure

Lao Tzu is an important figure. The emperors of Tang Dynasty had cited Lao Tzu.

facts about lao tzu

facts about lao tzu

Facts about Lao Tzu 2: the works

The characteristics of Chinese legalism and anti-authorities movements were spotted on the works of Lao Tzu.

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Facts about Lao Tzu 3: the name

Li Er was considered as the personal name of Lao Tzu. Boyang was considered as the courtesy name. Li Dan was the notable posthumous name.  Lao-tsu was his common name cited in 20th century. He was also called Laozi. It is considered as an honorific title. The variants of his name include Lao-tsu, Lao-tze and Lao-tse.

Facts about Lao Tzu 4: a religious figure

Lao Tzu is a religious figure in Taoism. He is called Supreme Old Lord when people worship him. He also earned the title as “Supremely Mysterious and Primordial Emperor” in the Tang Dynasty.

lao tzu images

lao tzu images

Facts about Lao Tzu 5: a contemporary of Confucius

It was believed that Lao Tzu lived in sixth and 5th century BCE where it was stated that he and Confucius were contemporaries.

Facts about Lao Tzu 6: the personal name and surname

The personal name of Lao Tzu is Er or Dan. Li was his surname. Before Lao Tzu went to the west, he created a-two part book. He worked in the imperial archives as an official.

lao tzu

lao tzu

Facts about Lao Tzu 7: another Laizo

Another Laozi earned the title as Lao Laizi. He was a distinctive contemporary of Confucius.  There were 15 parts that he wrote in a book.

Facts about Lao Tzu 8: the third Laizo

The third Laizo lived in 4th century BCE as Lao Dan. He was an astrologer. He lived in the period of Qin Dynasty under the rule of Duke Xian.

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Facts about Lao Tzu 9: Lao Tzu based on the traditional accounts

Lao Tzu worked for the royal court of Zhou based on the belief of the traditional accounts.  He earned the position as the keeper of the archives where he was known as a scholar.

lao tzu relief

lao tzu relief

Facts about Lao Tzu 10: the journey to the west

Lao Tzu rode a water buffalo during his journey to the west based on the Chinese legend.

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