10 Facts about Laos

Post On: November 28, 2016
By: Agustina

The following Facts about Laos will talk about a landlocked country located in the mainland Southeast Asia. The official name of the country is Lao People’s Democratic Republic. It shares border with other countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Myanmar. The history of Laos began with kingdom of Lan Xang Hom Khao. At that time, it earned the status as one of the largest kingdom in Southeast Asia. This kingdom occurred for four centuries.

Facts about Laos 1: the importance of Lan Xang

Lan Xang earned the status an important kingdom in Southeast Asia because it provided the great hub for the people.  The geographical location was strategic to the people to do trade.

facts about laos

facts about laos

Facts about Laos 2: the internal conflict

Lan Xang kingdom was divided into three kingdoms due to the internal conflicts. The kingdoms were Champasak, Luang Phabang and Vientiane.

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Facts about Laos 3: as a French protectorate

The kingdoms were included as a unity again under the name Laos where it served as the French protectorate in 1893.

Facts about Laos 4: the independence of Laos

When it was occupied by Japan, Laos got the short-time independence in 1945. However, it was controlled by France again. In 1949, Laos gained the autonomy.

laos facts

laos facts

Facts about Laos 5: a constitutional monarchy

Laos became a constitutional monarchy when it received independence in 1953. The leader was Sisavang Vong. However, the monarchy did not last longer due to the long civil war. In 1975, the power in Laos was dominated by the Communist Pathet Lao movement.

Facts about Laos 6: the politics in Laos

The military generals are the primary leaders of a single communist party. It applies Marxism.

laos pic

laos pic

Facts about Laos 7: the cities in Laos

Vientiane is the capital city of Laos. Other primary cities include Pakse, Savannakhet and Luang Prabang.

Facts about Laos 8: the population

More than 60 percent of people who live in Laos are the Lao people.  Lao also serves as the official language in the country. Since it is a multi ethnic country, you can also find other groups of people like the Hmong and Mon-Khmer. They can be found living in the mountains and foothills. The lowlands are dominated by the Lao people.

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Facts about Laos 9: electricity

The production of electricity from the rivers in Laos is considered as one of the economical sources. Laos sells it the neighboring countries like Vietnam, China and Thailand.

prime minister thongloun sisoulith

prime minister thongloun sisoulith

Facts about Laos 10: corruptions

Even though Laos is a fast growing country, it still earns the status as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

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