10 Facts about Lapland

Post On: November 28, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lapland tell the readers with the largest region in Finland.  The dry land covers 92,667 km², while the sea area is 1,383 km². It also has the fresh water of 6,316 km². Thus, the total area of Lapland covers 100,367 km².  Lake Inari is the largest lake in Lapland. It covers the areas of 1,102 km square. Let us check other interesting facts about Lapland below:

Facts about Lapland 1: the highest point of Lapland

Halti takes the record as the highest point in Lapland.

facts about lapland

facts about lapland

Facts about Lapland 2: the national parks

There are eight national parks to visit in the region. They are Urho Kekkonen, Bothnian Bay, Syöte, Pallas-Yllästunturi, and Oulanka National Parks.

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Facts about Lapland 3: the snows in Lapland

In mid-October and late November, Lapland is covered by the permanent snow. The people will experience around seven months for the winter season. In the beginning of April, the people will spot the thickest snow cover. Then it will melt rapidly.

Facts about Lapland 4: the thickest snow

On 19th April 1997, the thickest snow was measured at 190 cm. The northwestern corner of Lapland features the coldest spot.

lapland picture

lapland picture

Facts about Lapland 5: the population

Around 3.4 percent of the people in Finland live in Lapland. It takes the status as the least densely populated area in Finland.

Facts about Lapland 6: the primary towns

Rovaniemi is the regional capital of Lapland where it also serves as the largest town. Other biggest towns include Kemi and Tornio.

lapland people

lapland people

Facts about Lapland 7: the languages

Finnish is the most common language spoken by the people who live in Lapland. The 177,950 people spoke Finnish in 2011. The Sami was spoken by 387 people. Other languages were spoken by the remaining 3,467 people. Other languages include Skolt Sami, Inari Sami and Northern Sami languages.

Facts about Lapland 8: the municipalities

Lapland consists of 21 municipilaties.  All of them are managed in one region.

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Facts about Lapland 9: Lapland in Politics

Finland has a 200-place parliament where Lapland earns seven seats.

lapland pic

lapland pic

Facts about Lapland 10: Sami Domicile Area

The high number of Sami population can be found at the northernmost municipalities. People call it as the Sami Domicile Area. The area is dominated by the Sami people. You can also find Sami organization here.

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