10 Facts about Laptops

Post On: November 28, 2016
By: Agustina

A small and portable personal computer is explained on Facts about Laptops. People often call it as a notebook computer or simply notebook. The upper part of laptop features a compact and thin computer screen. It can be in LED or LCD one. The lower part features an alphanumeric keyboard.  When you want to use the laptop, you have to open it up. Let us get more amazing facts about laptops below:

Facts about Laptops 1: the importune of laptops

A laptop is created based on the compact design for it is mainly marketed for the mobile use. Due to the slim, compact and thin design, the people can take it anywhere they go.

laptop pic

laptop pic

Facts about Laptops 2: the differences of laptops and notebooks

Today people use the terms notebooks and laptops interchangeably. In the past, there was a difference between both items. Notebook was considered as the lighter and smaller than laptops.

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Facts about Laptops 3: where to use laptops

Laptops have been used in various types of environments such as at home, schools, and offices.

Facts about Laptops 4: the components of laptops

Even though laptops have smaller forms, they also have the similar capabilities, outputs, inputs and components than those of a computer.



Facts about Laptops 5: the various components

A processor, pointing device, a keyboard, small speakers, display screen and memory are available as the primary components of laptops.

Facts about Laptops 6: the new models of laptops

The new models of laptops are advanced for they have touchscreens, built in microphones and integrated webcams.

laptop and teacher

laptop and teacher

Facts about Laptops 7: the power of laptops

The internal battery is used as the common power for laptops. However, you can also power it externally with an AC adapter.

Facts about Laptops 8: the price

The price of a laptop is determined based on the specifications such as the memory capacity, processor speed and models.

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Facts about Laptops 9: the specialized models

The specialized or custom-made models of laptops are produced for specific purpose. The military and construction usually employ the rugged laptops.

laptop facts

laptop facts

Facts about Laptops 10: the benefits of having laptops

There are various benefits of having laptops. The portability is the first benefit to get since you can take this laptop easily in your backpack. It allows you to enjoy up-to-date information without reducing the productivity.  During the long hour commute by train, an office worker can use his or her time to work or even check their emails.

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