10 Facts about Lascaux Caves

Post On: November 30, 2016
By: Agustina

The complex of caves located in southwestern France is explained on Facts about Lascaux Caves. People like to visit the caves for they can spot different cave painting from the Paleolithic period. If you are interested view the caves, you can go to the department of Dordogne nearby Montignac village. The experts believe that the paintings found in Lascaux Caves were dated back 17,300 years ago. They are famous due to the impressive cave paintings of Upper Paleolithic. Let us check other interesting facts about Lascaux Caves below:

Facts about Lascaux Caves 1: the images of paintings

Lascaux Caves feature the different images of large animals, which had lived in the past.

facts about lascaux caves

facts about lascaux caves

Facts about Lascaux Caves 2: UNESCO World Heritage Sites list

Lascaux Caves was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979.

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Facts about Lascaux Caves 3: the number of figures

There are at least 2,000 figures on Lascaux Caves. Besides the figures of large animals, you can also spot the abstract signs and human figures.

Facts about Lascaux Caves 4: the absence of landscape paintings

When you are inside Lascaux Caves or when you see the paintings online, you will be surprised since they do not contain any paintings related to the vegetation or landscape.

lascaux caves painting

lascaux caves painting

Facts about Lascaux Caves 5: the colons

The paintings on the cave walls were made in various colons using mineral pigments. The pigments contain manganese, iron oxide, goethite and haematite. It is available in black, yellow and red tones.

Facts about Lascaux Caves 6: how to paint the images

The paintings on the caves were not made by using brush. They were blotted or even swabbed.

lascaux caves

lascaux caves

Facts about Lascaux Caves 7: the animals

The large animal is the primary theme for the paintings in the caves.  The paintings identified as animals are 900 pieces. The 90 paintings are stags. The 364 paintings are equines. The 4 to 5 percent of the paintings are bison and cattle.

Facts about Lascaux Caves 8: other images on the paintings

A human, a rhinoceros, a bear, a bird and seven felines are the other paintings.

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Facts about Lascaux Caves 9: reindeer

Reindeer was considered as the main source of food for the creators at that time. However, the caves do not feature any reindeer painting.

lascaux caves image

lascaux caves image

Facts about Lascaux Caves 10: the notable part of the caves

The Hall of the Bulls is considered as the most prominent part of the caves where you can spot stags, equines and bulls.

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