10 Facts about Laser Cutting

Post On: November 30, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Laser Cutting discuss a technology used by the people to cut materials. The original usage of laser cutting is seen in the manufacturing applications. Today, this tool is common to use by the hobbyists, small businesses and schools. The high-powered laser will be directed to cut the material based on the computer numerical control and optics. Let us get other facts about laser cutting below:

Facts about Laser Cutting 1: the commercial laser cutting

The motion control system is available in most common laser cutting models.  The system will follow the G-code or CNC to cut a certain material.

facts about laser cutting

facts about laser cutting

Facts about Laser Cutting 2: the methods

The cutting process is conducted several ways. The material may vaporize away, burn, melt or even blow away.

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Facts about Laser Cutting 3: the use of laser cutter in the industry

The laser cutter is used to cut the piping material, structural material and flat sheet material when it is applied for the industries.

Facts about Laser Cutting 4: the first production of laser cutting machine

The laser-cutting machine first produced in the world was applied for drilling holes in diamond dies.

laser cutting images

laser cutting images

Facts about Laser Cutting 5: cutting metal

The metal was capable to be cut by a laser cutting after it was developed by the British in 1967. The device features the oxygen jet.

Facts about Laser Cutting 6: cutting titanium

Titanium was employed for the aerospace application. This material was cut using laser technology in the beginning of 1970s.

laser cutting

laser cutting

Facts about Laser Cutting 7: the non-metal materials

Laser cutting is also applied for the non-metal materials.  This type of laser cutting is the CO2 laser cutter.

Facts about Laser Cutting 8: the types of laser cuttings

The laser cutting is available in three types. They are the CO2 laser cutting, Nd-YAG or neodymium yttrium-aluminium-garnet laser and Nd or neodymium laser. If you want to cut, bore or engrave materials, use the former laser. If you need a laser for welding, all of them are suitable.

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Facts about Laser Cutting 9: the industrial usage of CO2 lasers

The mild steel, titanium, wood, plastics, fabrics, paper, taskboard and stainless steel are some materials in the industries, which can be cut using CO2 laser.

laser cutting facts

laser cutting facts

Facts about Laser Cutting 10: the variants of laser cutting

There are several variants of CO2 laser cuttings. They include the slab, slow xial flow and fast axial flow.

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