10 Facts about Laser Printers

Post On: November 30, 2016
By: Agustina

Find out other interesting facts about laser printers by reading the following post below. The electrostatic digital printing, allows the people the high quality graphics and texts. It features a drum to call a cylinder. The images will be transferred to paper using the drum charged with ink. The xerographic printing process is also employed in laser printing. Let us get other interesting facts about laser printers below:

Facts about Laser Printers 1: the benefits of laser printers

Compared to most photocopies, the images copied by the laser printing are faster.

facts about laser printer

facts about laser printer

Facts about Laser Printers 2: the invention of laser printers

In 1970s, the invention of laser printers was conducted at Xerox PARC.

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Facts about Laser Printers 3: the introduction of laser printers

Laser printers then were very popular to be used as home and office.

Facts about Laser Printers 4: the fallen price

The price of laser printers has decreased for the last few years due to the improvement of speed and quality over the years.

laser printing

laser printing

Facts about Laser Printers 5: the page description language

OpenXPS, PCL/ Printer Command Language and PostScript are some page description languages for the document printed using laser.

Facts about Laser Printers 6: bitmap

The page description then will be converted by the raster image process into a bitmap. The term raster line is used to define the horizontal strip of dots found on the page.

laser printer

laser printer

Facts about Laser Printers 7: the pause

There will be no pause in the middle when you use the laser printing technology.  The pause is spotted in several lines when you apply the inkjet.

Facts about Laser Printers 8: the raster memory

The raster memory should be sufficient to avoid the buffer underrun. The memory is functional to accommodate the bitmap image.

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Facts about Laser Printers 9: the memory requirement

You need to have at least 4 megabytes for monochrome for 600 dpi. If you want the colored printing, it should be at least 16 megabytes. If you have 300 dpi, the memory should be at least 1 megabyte.



Facts about Laser Printers 10: the colon and monochrome laser printers

The laser printers can be used to produce colons and monochrome tones. The CMYK or cyan, magenta, yellow and black are the common coloned toners for the colon laser printers. The laser scanner assembly is seen on the monochrome printer.

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