10 Facts about Last Rites

Post On: December 6, 2016
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The last ministrations and prayers conducted shortly before the death in Catholicism is explained on facts about Last Rites. This tradition is also spotted in other religions. The practice can be administered for the person who is terminally ill, mortally injured, and waiting for execution. In the different Catholic tradition, the last rites may be called in other names. Let us check the following post below for details about Last Rites.

Facts about Last Rites 1: Lieutenant Commander Joseph T. O’Callahan

On 19th March 1945, the Japanese air attack set fires on USS Franklin. The last rites were performed for an injured crewmember. It was conducted by Lieutenant Commander Joseph T. O’Callahan who was a Roman Catholic chaplain.

facts about last rites

facts about last rites

Facts about Last Rites 2: the sacraments

A set of sacraments are performed in the Last Rites for those near death.

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Facts about Last Rites 3: the types of sacraments

There are three major types of sacraments. Some people are often mistaken by thinking that Anointing of the Sick is The Last Rites. Actually, the three sacraments include Penance, Anointing of the Sick and Viaticum.

Facts about Last Rites 4: the process of Last Rites

First, the penance should be conducted for it has the purpose to provide absolution for the sins. Next Anointing of the sick is conducted to give relief of suffering by having sacramental grace and prayers. Last, Viaticum is performed. This sacrament is linked with dying.

last rites facts

last rites facts

Facts about Last Rites 5: What is Viaticum?

The sacrament conducted for the appropriate dying in Christianity is seen in Viaticum.

Facts about Last Rites 6: the additional sacraments

The additional sacraments might occur. The Rite for Emergencies and Christian Initiation for the Dying come after the three major sacraments.

last rites

last rites

Facts about Last Rites 7: Christian Initiation for the Dying

The dying person who has not received any Confirmation or Baptism will have it with Christian Initiation for the Dying.

Facts about Last Rites 8: the person waiting for execution

Confession and Viaticum will be given for the person who is waiting for execution. Anointing for the Sick is not performed because the person has no fear of death by illness.

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Facts about Last Rites 9: the battlefield

The last rites can be performed anywhere. The Sacred Mysteries of Confession and reception of Holy Communion are considered as the last rites for Orthodox Church.

Facts about Last Rites 10: the last rites in Islam

Before, during and after the funeral, the specific rites are performed in Islam. Salat al-Janazah is the funeral prayer in Islam.

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