10 Facts about Last Supper

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Facts about Last Supper impress the people with the story of final meal of Jesus with his Apostles in Jerusalem before he was crucified.  It was narrated in Gospel accounts. On Maundy Thursday, the Christians commemorate the Last Supper. This event is also called as The Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.

Facts about Last Supper 1: the first mentioning of Last Supper

Last Supper was mentioned for the first time in the First Epistle for the Corinthians.

last supper art

last supper art

Facts about Last Supper 2: when did the Last Supper take place?

It was believed that the Last Supper was conducted at the end of the week after Jesus was successfully entered Jerusalem based on the four canonical Gospels.

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Facts about Last Supper 3: sharing the meal

At the end of the week, Jesus was crucified after having a meal with his Apostles.

Facts about Last Supper 4: the betrayal

Jesus had a prediction that one of his Apostles would betray him during the meal. Jesus broke the bread into pieces and gave them to the Apostles based on the First Epistle to the Corinthians and three Synoptic Gospels. However, the episode was missing in the Gospel of John.

last supper facts

last supper facts

Facts about Last Supper 5: the dual purposes of Last Supper

The dual purposes of Last Supper were spotted here.  First, Christianity was established as a new religion. Second, it marked the freedom of Jews from Egyptian slavery.

Facts about Last Supper 6: Christian art

One of the interesting subjects in Christian art is Last Supper. The depiction can be seen in the early Christianity. The Apostles who received the Communion were the primary focus depicted by the Byzantine artists.

last supper painting

last supper painting

Facts about Last Supper 7: the Italian art

In the Italian art, the Last Supper was considered as the popular topic during the Renaissance period.

Facts about Last Supper 8: the major themes of Last Supper in art

The Last Supper has been depicted in three primary themes. The depiction of Jesus announcing the betrayal of his Apostle was made in dynamic and dramatic style. The second one depicted the Last Supper in mystical and solemn ways.  Judas Iscariot was not seen in the third theme of the Last Supper for he had left the supper. It presented the melancholy feeling due to Jesus’ farewell to his Apostles.

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Facts about Last Supper 9: the less depicted scene

One of the rarest depicted scenes in the Last Supper is when Jesus washed the feet of his Apostles.

facts about last supper

facts about last supper

Facts about Last Supper 10: the famous depiction of Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci was one of the famous artists during the Renaissance era. He created the harmonious depiction of the Last Supper.

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