10 Facts about Laurel Burch

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Facts about Laurel Burch inform us with the notable American artist and designer. She was born on 31st December 1945 and died on 13th September 2007. She is also known as a businesswoman. The birthplace of Burch was located in San Fernando Valley, California. Her birth name was Laurel Anne Harte. Let us check other interesting facts about Burch below:

Facts about Laurel Burch 1: the early life of Burch

The parents of Burch divorced. Her single mom tried to raise both of her daughters, Laurel and Suzy. Her father was Russell Harter. Her mother was a designer and seamtress.

Facts about Lauren Burch

Facts about Lauren Burch

Facts about Laurel Burch 2: the teenage of Burch

During her teenage years, Burch and her mother were in disputes. Laurel decided to live with her father. However, they did not get along.

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Facts about Laurel Burch 3: the odd jobs

Burch had to do various odd jobs to support herself. She became a house cleaner, cook and baby sitter.

Facts about Laurel Burch 4: marriage

Laurel and Robert Burch married when she was 19. Robert was a jazz musician. Few years after living together, the couple separated. She had two children to look after.

Lauren Burch Facts

Lauren Burch Facts

Facts about Laurel Burch 5:  Laurel as a single mother

Laurel was a single mother and had to support her kids.  She earned the money from making jewelry. She also got the welfare payment.

Facts about Laurel Burch 6: as a businesswoman

On 24th February 1960, Laurel Burch Artworks were launched in the market. Various businesses, restaurants and private collectors began to commission her for making paintings.

Lauren Burch Painting

Lauren Burch Painting

Facts about Laurel Burch 7: making jewelry

She sold the jewelry creation from tackle boxes on the streets of San Francisco. Shashi Singapuri was a businessman interested with her creation. He went to China with her samples of jewelry.

Facts about Laurel Burch 8: the manufacturing

Burch and Singapuri worked together where he backed the finance for manufacturing her jewelry. Both parted in 1971.

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Facts about Laurel Burch 9: Laurel Burch Inc

Burch established Laurel Burch Inc after she ended the partnership with Mr. Singapuri. She became the chief designer and president of the company. Burch had his design licenses in 1990s.

Lauren Burch Art

Lauren Burch Art

Facts about Laurel Burch 10: personal life

Jack Holton was the second husband of Burch. This marriage ended up in divorce. Then Burch married again to Rick Sara.  On 13 September 2007, she passed away because of osteopetrosis complications at the age of 61.

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