10 Facts about Lauren Sandler

Post On: December 8, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lauren Sandler inform us with the author and journalist. The famous work is One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child, and the Joy of Being One.  The book consists of 209 pages. It is published in hard cover.  It gives the people new perspectives. Having only one child is not as a bad as it might sound in various myths.  Sandler tries to debunk the various stereotypes and myths about an only child in the family by having researches. Find out other interesting facts about Sandler and her work below:

Facts about Lauren Sandler 1: the early life

Sandler was raised by her mother. She is the only child in the family.

Lauren Sandler Book

Lauren Sandler Book

Facts about Lauren Sandler 2: the stereotype about one child

Sandler does not realize about the stereotypes of having one child until she has a child of her own. That she should not do that to her child was heard from some people.

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Facts about Lauren Sandler 3: the interest of her book

She was interested to make the research about having only one child.

Facts about Lauren Sandler 4: the decision to have only one child

She made the decision to have one child with her husband. Sandler found that having only one child in the family was fine for she was also the only child in her family.

Lauren Sandler Facts

Lauren Sandler Facts

Facts about Lauren Sandler 5: a great way of living

Sandler said that three of them enjoyed wonderful living at home.

Facts about Lauren Sandler 6: the researches

Sandler conducted the researches by traveling in various parts of the world. She interviewed the parents who only had one child and the only children in the family.

Lauren Sandler Photo

Lauren Sandler Photo

Facts about Lauren Sandler 7: the complex conversation

Since the conversation or interview that she conducted with the parents and children was complex, she seeks help from the environmental scientists and demographers.

Facts about Lauren Sandler 8: the data found in her researches

After conducting the researches, she realizes that the only child in the family also lives just like others.

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Facts about Lauren Sandler 9: differences

The differences occur if the only child lives in a rural area where he or she has no friends in the neighborhood.

Lauren Sandler

Lauren Sandler

Facts about Lauren Sandler 10: spoiling

The term spoiling is considered as an important issue when dealing with the only child in the family. The ones who spoil the only child are the parents. A child does not spoil herself or himself.

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