10 Facts about Lava Lamps

Post On: December 10, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lava Lamps will talk about decorative lighting. Edward Craven Walker is the inventor of lava lamps. He was a British accountant. People also call it Astro lamp. Walker founded Mathmos, a British lighting company. The lava lamp is unique due to the colored wax mixture located inside the glass vessel. The glass vessel will be put inside a box, which has the incandescent light bulb. The viscosity as well as density of the wax will be temporarily decreased as the heat is produced of the light bulb. Let us check other interesting facts about lava lamps below:

Facts about Lava Lamps 1: the name of the lamp

The light is called lava due to the cycle of the warmed wax, which rises and falls back when it is heated. It reminds the people with the lava flow.

Facts about Lava Lamps

Facts about Lava Lamps

Facts about Lava Lamps 2: the unique lava lamps

Lava lamps are unique and stylish for they are sold in many colors and designs.

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Facts about Lava Lamps 3: the classic lava lamp

The classic lava lamps are designed differently from the modern ones. The former one features a tall glass bottle heated by the halogen lamp or standard incandescent lamp.

Facts about Lava Lamps 4: the formula of lava lamps

The formula of lava lamps based on the United States patent issued in 1968 included the mixture of carbon tetrachloride, paraffin wax and mineral oil with water.

Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

Facts about Lava Lamps 5: the common wax

The common wax is used in lava lamps due to its lower density. When it is heated, it will float inside the water. However, the wax is often mixed with carbon tetrachloride to make its density higher. When both are heated, the wax will be expanded.

Facts about Lava Lamps 6: the production of lava lamps

Walker invented lava lamps in 1963. Since 1970, China has manufactured lava lamps for the United States market with the usage of carbon tetrachloride. The component is toxic.

Lava Lamps Factory

Lava Lamps Factory

Facts about Lava Lamps 7: the current formula for lava lamps

No one knows the recent formulation of lava lamps. The manufacturer states that it is a trade secret.

Facts about Lava Lamps 8: the wattage of the bulb

The bulb used in the lava lamps usually are around 25 to 40 watts. When you have this lamp kept at standard room temperature, it will take around 45 to 60 minutes to make the wax warm.

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Facts about Lava Lamps 9: the room temperature

The room temperature affects the blobs of the wax. If you have it kept under the room temperature, it will take around two until 3 hours to make the wax heated.

Facts about Lava Lamps 10: Do not shake it

Do not shake the lava lamps when the wax is molten. It will create cloudy and unclear effect since the two fluids of water and wax will be emulsified.

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