10 Facts about LDShadowLady

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Let me show you the detail information about YouTube gamer on Facts about LDShadowLady. She plays different kinds of games like app games, multiplayer games and Minecraft.  She has at least two million subscribers in his YouTube channel. If you are interested to know more about the personal life, education and college life of LDShadowLady, check the following post below:

Facts about LDShadowLady 1: the birth date

LDShadowLady was born on 7 October 1992. Her birth name is Elizabeth. She was called Beth.  The job of her family was involved in medical field.

Facts about LDShadowLady

Facts about LDShadowLady

Facts about LDShadowLady 2: sibling

Maddie is the little sister of LDShadowLady. Both of them are very close as siblings. Both are only one year apart.

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Facts about LDShadowLady 3: the school time

During the school time, LDShadowLady had many friends who came to her house to sleepover.  They hung out together while watching movies or even playing video games.

Facts about LDShadowLady 4: mother of LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady describes her mother as an eccentric person. However, she really loves her. Then she realized that the unusual behavior of her mother was due to the alcoholism that she did not understand when she was young.

LDShadowLady Facts

LDShadowLady Facts

Facts about LDShadowLady 5: the fame of LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady is famous as a gamer in her YouTube Channel. She has quirky sense of humor.

Facts about LDShadowLady 6: a female gaming group

LDShadowLady creates a female gaming group that she called the Pixel Pact. The members of the group are Elleanora, Yammy_xox, Vengelfe, NyanStrike and MittyMoxx. It also has affiliate members like Kaleidow and Laurenzside.



Facts about LDShadowLady 7: Crazycraft 3.0

LDShadowLady invited some friends when she began playing Crazycraft 3.0. This game is fun for they do quest and build house. Her house in the game reminds you with a Disney Castle.

Facts about LDShadowLady 8: Minecraft series

Minecraft series made her famous in YouTube. She has created over 70 episodes for the series.

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Facts about LDShadowLady 9: Ultra Hardcore series

LDShadowLady also participated in the Ultra Hardcore series. ChildDolphin, Vikkstar123HD and LDShadowLady are in one team. The chance to earn victory was lost because of the death of Vikk after the carnage for their first attempt.

LDShadowLady Pic

LDShadowLady Pic

Facts about LDShadowLady 10: the second Ultra Hardcore competition

LDShadowLady and Zack Scott were in a team for the second Ultra Hardcore. Scott died first. Then Lizzie died after a Creeper blew her.

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