10 Facts about Leaders

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Facts about Leaders elaborate the important facts about a leader’s style when guiding or leading others. The style of a leader is seen on how an individual motivates other people, implements the plans and provides direction. That is why the leader should have experiences, personality and philosophy. The models to understand leadership have been developed by some rhetoric specialists such as Philippe-Joseph Salazar with his L’Hyperpolitique and Robert Hariman with his Political Style.

Facts about Leaders 1: the different leadership style

The different leadership style is employed when a leader involves in different conditions and situations.

Transformational leadership

Transformational leadership

Facts about Leaders 2: an autocratic leadership

An autocratic leadership is considered as the most effective style of leadership when an authority had more experiences than others in an emergency.

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Facts about Leaders 3: the democratic leadership

The democratic leadership is the most effective when the team has the similar level of expertise and experience.

Facts about Leaders 4: the most effective style of leadership

The objectives of the group should be the primary thing to concern when selecting the most effective leadership style.

Facts about Leadership

Facts about Leadership

Facts about Leaders 5: the study of leadership

The military science considers leadership as a significant study. The field is seen based on the integrated and holistic perspectives.

Facts about Leaders 6: the physical presence

The resilience, confidence, physical fitness and military bearing are included as the factors of physical presence.

Facts about Leaders

Facts about Leaders

Facts about Leaders 7: the intellectual capacity

The leaders are assessed based on the intellectual capacity too for it helps them to execute the tasks and create conceptual solutions.

Facts about Leaders 8: the conceptual abilities of a leader

The domain knowledge, interpersonal tact, innovation, judgment, and apply agility are included in the conceptual abilities of a leader. The leaders should have the awareness related to the geopolitical, cultural, technical and tactical knowledge.

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Facts about Leaders 9: what is autocratic leadership style?

All kinds of decisions are made by the leaders or dictators in autocratic leadership style. The subordinates are not allowed to present any initiatives or even suggestions to the leaders. The decision that the leader takes will not be shared with other members of the group. It allows the leader to have a quick decision-making.

National School of Leadership

National School of Leadership

Facts about Leaders 10: the democratic leadership

The democratic leadership is also called shared leadership or participative leadership. The social equality and interest of the groups are promoted here.

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