10 Facts about League of Nations

Post On: December 13, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about League of Nations elaborate the details about the intergovernmental organization. In France, it is called La Société des Nations. Because of Paris Peace Conference, LN or League of Nations was established on 10th January 1920. However, the organization collapsed at the end of World War 1. Let us get other facts about League of Nations below:

Facts about League of Nations 1: the main mission

The main mission of League of Nations was to keep the world in peace. That is the first international organization, which owned such as a mission.

League of Legends Match

League of Legends Match

Facts about League of Nations 2: the main goals

Do you know the main goals of League of Nations? This organization wanted to use negotiation and arbitration to settle the international disputes. It also applied the collective security as well as disarmament to prevent the wars.

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Facts about League of Nations 3: the other issues

League of Nations also dealt with other issues such as drug trafficking, human trafficking, treatment of native people, protection for minor people in Europe, prisoners of war, global health, arms trade and labor condition.

Facts about League of Nations 4: the members

There were 58 members of League of Nations from September 28th, 1934 until February 23rd, 1935.

Nansen passport

Nansen passport

Facts about League of Nations 5: the enforcement

The resolutions created by League of Nations were enforced by the Great Power because the organization was lack of armed forces.

Facts about League of Nations 6: the behavior of Great Power

Even though Great Powers involved, they did not want to take part in the sanctions for it would hurt the members of the organization.

Child Labour

Child Labour

Facts about League of Nations 7: the successes and failures

League of Nations was capable of handling the issues. The big failure for the organization was due to their incapability to prevent the Axis Power’s aggression.

Facts about League of Nations 8: leaving the organization

Germany decided to leave the organization. It was followed by Japan, Italy, Spain and other members of the league.

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Facts about League of Nations 9: the World War 2

The league failed to maintain the world peace due to the onset of World War 2.

League of Nations Facts

League of Nations Facts

Facts about League of Nations 10: United Nations

After the fall of League of Nations, United Nations was established on 20th April 1946. UN applied several organizations and agencies that League of Nations had established in the past.

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