10 Facts about Learning Targets

Post On: December 14, 2016
By: Agustina

The facts about learning targets below will tell the readers the objectives, aims or goals of learning. Some people often use the word aim and objective interchangeable. However, both words are used differently in education.  The word objective is more related to achievement. The word aim is related to purpose.  When the learning target is set, the student should gain the knowledge, ability or skill. Let us check other interesting facts about learning target below:

Facts about Learning Targets 1: the types of learning target

The types of learning targets applied are available in two different courses. It can be a long term or short-term one.

Learning Target Facts

Learning Target Facts

Facts about Learning Targets 2: the relationship between the teacher and students

In some cases, the teacher sets a learning target that should be achieved by the students. Sometimes, the teacher and students work together to achieve it.  The latter one is called as a joint goal.

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Facts about Learning Targets 3: the short-term goal

The short-term goal is related to the objective that the learners should achieve during the course.

Facts about Learning Targets 4: the course documentation

Course documentation is available to inform the students their learning targets as well as the things that they should achieve in the course.

Learning Target

Learning Target

Facts about Learning Targets 5: the educational organization

The one, which designs the learning target for the student, is the educational organization or institution.

Facts about Learning Targets 6: the goal oriented education

The learning target is included, as a part of goal-oriented education for the students should achieve it.

Learning Targets

Learning Targets

Facts about Learning Targets 7: the learning outcome

It is very common for the educators to use the term learning outcome to call the learning target.

Facts about Learning Targets 8: the children and education

Education is not only for adults but also for children. The children do not need to know or even realize the learning target when they learn through play. However, the activity of play will direct them to have beneficial outcomes.

Facts about Learning Targets 9: the unintended learning outcomes

Have you ever heard about the unintended learning outcome? It is observed since the outcome is not sought after or even planned by the educators.

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Facts about Learning Targets

Facts about Learning Targets

Facts about Learning Targets 10: learning target and education

Learning target is always a part of education. Therefore, the teachers and educators should be aware of it so that the positive outcome is achieved from the students.

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