10 Facts about Leather

Post On: December 15, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Leather will tell you about the flexible and durable material. The leather is gained from the cattle hide by tanning their skin or rawhide. The production of leather is spotted in the big industries and the small and cottage industries in the world. Leather is very functional for it can be used to create many items such as wallet, hats, shoes, skirts, jackets, belts, trousers, furniture covering, leather wallpaper and bookbinding.

Facts about Leather 1: the tanning processes

There are various kinds of tanning processes conducted to get the perfect leather material.

Leather Facts

Leather Facts

Facts about Leather 2: chrome-tanned leathering

In 1858, the chrome-tanned leather was invented. The tanning process is conducted by chromium salt or chromium sulfate. It is possible for the people to get the exotic colors other than wet blue tone.

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Facts about Leather 3: the popular selection of tanning

The chrome tanned leather process is very popular for it only takes a day to complete. The 80 percent of the world’s leather is supplied by this process.

Facts about Leather 4: the vegetable tanned leather

The tannins used the tanning process are found in the vegetable matters such as roots, fruits, leaves, wood and bark mills. The leather will come in brown tone.  It tends to discolor in the water.

Leather Pic

Leather Pic

Facts about Leather 5: the other types of tanning processes

The other types of tanning processes include the formaldehyde tanning, aldehyde-tanned leather, brain tanned leathers, rose-tanned leather, chamois leather and synthetic-tanned leather.

Facts about Leather 6: the aromatic polymers

The aromatic polymers like Neradol and Novolac are used for the synthetic tanned leather.



Facts about Leather 7: the texture of rawhide

Compared to the other kinds of leather, the texture of rawhide is more brittle and stiffer. That is why; the rawhide is often employed for the parchment and drumheads.

Facts about Leather 8: the full grain leather

The full grain leather is used to produce the best footwear and leather furniture. There are two types of finishes for full grain leather. You can choose the semi aniline or aniline ones.

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Facts about Leather 9: the top grain leather

The second highest quality leather is the top grain leather.

Facts about Leather

Facts about Leather

Facts about Leather 10: the less common leather

The less common leather is also spotted in the world. The unique pigmentation and motif are seen on the fish leather. The fatty materials or animal brains are used to create the brained leather.

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