10 Facts about Lebanese Food

Post On: December 17, 2016
By: Agustina

If you want to be informed with an exotic food in the world, look at Facts about Lebanese Food. Have you eaten the food from Lebanon before?  The cuisine of the country features seafood, fresh fish, starches, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The red meat is eaten less often than poultry. The Lebanese people eat the animal fats sparingly. Let us get other fun facts about Lebanese food below:

Facts about Lebanese Food 1: the meat

The people in the mountains regions like to eat the goat meat. The people along the coast like to serve the red meat of lamb.



Facts about Lebanese Food 2: the seasonings

The lemon juice, olive oil and garlic are considered as the common seasonings. The typical flavors are lemon, garlic, herbs and olive oil.

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Facts about Lebanese Food 3: the national drink of Lebanon

The national drink of Lebanon is the traditional alcoholic Arak.  Arak is usually served with traditional meal of Lebanon.

Facts about Lebanese Food 4: the special occasions

During the special occasions, a particular meal is served.  The celebration of a newborn baby is defined by having the meghli.

Lebanese Food Facts

Lebanese Food Facts

Facts about Lebanese Food 5: the history of Lebanese cuisine

The origin of Lebanese cuisine could be traced back to the Roman period thousands of years ago. It is considered as a part of Levantine food. The Phoenicians were considered as the root of Lebanese cuisine.

Facts about Lebanese Food 6: the influence

The Lebanese cuisine has been influenced from time to time because the foreign powers had ruled the region once.

Lebanese Food

Lebanese Food

Facts about Lebanese Food 7: cooking with lamb

Cooking with lamb is considered as one of the primary diets of Lebanese. It was introduced by the Ottoman Turks, which ruled the region in 1516 until 1918.

Facts about Lebanese Food 8: France

The buttery croissants, caramel custard desserts and flan were introduced by France after it defeated the Ottoman Turks.

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Facts about Lebanese Food 9: the cooking process

The cooking process of Lebanese Foods is mostly conducted by baking and grilling using the olive oil. Only few desserts are created using butter and cream.

Facts about Lebanese Food

Facts about Lebanese Food

Facts about Lebanese Food 10: the types of foods

The seasons will affect the types of foods served in Lebanon. At the end of the meal, the fresh fruits are often served. However, it can be accompanied with desserts. The culture of Lebanese people is reflected by the type of foods served on the region.

Are you fascinated reading facts about Lebanese foods?