10 Facts about LEDC

Post On: December 18, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about LEDC tell us about the less economically developed countries in the world.  The countries have the low HDI or Human Development Index.  The industrial base is also less developed compared to other countries. People often call LEDC as the underdeveloped countries or developing countries. The higher growth rates of the developing countries have been spotted since the end 1990s. Let us find out other useful information about LEDC below:

Facts about LEDC 1: the criteria

The criteria of LEDC are not exact because of the non-universal categories. In some cases, people use the national GDP per capita to decide the LEDC.



Facts about LEDC 2: the gross national happiness

The gross national happiness is also employed to measure the LEDC.

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Facts about LEDC 3: the new industrialized countries

A new term comes up to call the countries with stand between the developing and developed ones. The countries are called as the newly industrialized countries.

Facts about LEDC 4: the World Bank

The data presented by the World Bank do not differentiate between the developing and developed countries.

LEDC Facts

LEDC Facts

Facts about LEDC 5: the non-developed countries

Several terms have been established to call the non-developed countries. The most common ones are the less economically developed countries and less developed countries. In the extreme situation, the terms the least economically developed countries and least developed country are used

Facts about LEDC 6: the factors

The less economically developed countries are characterized by several factors. The people have less income, low life expectancy, low level of literacy rate, low level of education and higher pregnancy rate.



Facts about LEDC 7: the developed countries

The developed regions in the world where people can enjoy great level of healthcare and education are Western Europe, New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada and Japan.

Facts about LEDC 8: the classification based on IMF

IMF has different classification to define the developed countries and less economically developing countries such as export diversification, per capita income level and integration to the world’s finance.

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Facts about LEDC 9: the income groups

Four income groups have been settled by the World Bank.  If the GNI per capita of a country is US$1,025 or less, it is included in the low-income groups.  The country with GNI per capita around US$1,026 and US$4,035 is included in lower middle-income countries.

Facts about LEDC

Facts about LEDC

Facts about LEDC 10: the high incomes and upper middle income

The high-income countries have the GNI per capita above US$12,476. The country with GNI per capita around US$4,036 and US$12,475 is included in the upper middle-income countries.

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