10 Facts about Leeds Castle

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Facts about Leeds Castle will impress the readers with the full information about a castle located in Kent, England. King Edward I controlled the Leeds Castle in 13th century. It turned out to be the favorite residence for the royalty. Henry VIII had this castle used for Catherine of Aragon, his first wife in 16th century. Today, it is considered as a popular tourist destination. In 1976, the castle was opened for visitors.

Facts about Leeds Castle 1: the history of Leeds Castle

There was a Saxon chief named Led or Leeds. He was the owner of the site from 857. The two islands located in the middle of River Len featured a wooden structure that Led built.

Leeds Castle Map

Leeds Castle Map

Facts about Leeds Castle 2: the re-construction of the wooden structure

The wooden structure was re-constructed into stone by Robert de Crevecoeur in 1119. It was functioned as a Norman stronghold. The de Crevecoeur family owned the structure until 1260.

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Facts about Leeds Castle 3: the form or design of a Norman stronghold

In the following centuries, the Norman stronghold was renovated and rebuilt. Therefore, it is hard to define the form and design of the structure. It may take a form in a motte and bailey based on the speculation of Adrian Pettifer.

Facts about Leeds Castle 4: Eleanor of Castile

Eleanor of Castile was the queen of King Edward who purchased the castle in 1278.

Leeds Castle Facts

Leeds Castle Facts

Facts about Leeds Castle 5: the improvement of the castle

Leeds Castle was improved during the reign of King Edward I. The castle was surrounded by the lake. It was believed that the lake was constructed by King Edward I. The structure also had the additional features such as a gloriette with apartments and a barbican.

Facts about Leeds Castle 6: the captured castle

The forces of Edward II captured Leeds Castle on October 31st, 1321. It was used as the main residence of the widow of Edward II after his death in 1327.

Leeds Castle Maze

Leeds Castle Maze

Facts about Leeds Castle 7: Catherine of Aragon

Leeds Castle was used as the primary residence for Catherine of Aragon after it was transformed by Henry VIII in 1519.

Facts about Leeds Castle 8: English Civil War

Sir Cheney Culpeper allied with the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War. That is why this castle was not damaged.

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Facts about Leeds Castle 9: the function of the castle

During the war, Leeds Castle served for two functions. It was used as a prison as well as an arsenal.

Facts about Leeds Castle

Facts about Leeds Castle

Facts about Leeds Castle 10: the castle in the beginning of Second World War

The Leeds Castle was employed as a hospital in the beginning of the Second World War.

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