10 Facts about Leeds United

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Facts about Leeds United present the ideas about the professional association football club. In 1919, the club was established after Leeds City Football Club was disbanded. The base of Leeds United is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The Elland Road Stadium was taken over by Leeds United. The football club now played for the second tier in league system of English football. Get other interesting facts about Leeds United below:

Facts about Leeds United 1: the records

The record of Leeds United is not bad. The club was the winner of the two Inter-Cities Fairs Club. It also earns one League Cup, 1 FA Cup and 3 First Division league titles.

Facts about Leeds United

Facts about Leeds United

Facts about Leeds United 2: Don Revie

Don Revie became the manager of Leeds United in 1960s and 1970s where most titles and records of the club were earned under his management.

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Facts about Leeds United 3: the color and badge

The LUFC and White Rose of York are spotted on the badge of Leeds United. The club plays in white uniform.

Facts about Leeds United 4: Champions League

In 2001, Leeds United made its way to appear in the semifinals for Champions League.

Leeds United 1920

Leeds United 1920

Facts about Leeds United 5: European Cup Final

Leeds United fought against Bayern Munich during the European Cup Final in 1975.

Facts about Leeds United 6: the stadium

Since its foundation in 1919, the club only uses Elland Road as their stadium. The location of this stadium is in Beeston, Leeds.  In England, the stadium takes the records as the 12th largest one.

Leeds United Captain

Leeds United Captain

Facts about Leeds United 7: the rivals

If you are an avid fan of Leeds United, you must know some of their rivals.  The Huddersfield Town and Bradford City are included in their local rivalry list. Millwall, Chelsea and Manchester United are their national rivals.

Facts about Leeds United 8: Galatasaray

Leeds United and Galatasaray as rivals were created due to the murder of two Leeds fans by Galatasaray supporters. The Leeds supporters had a major uproar when Harry Kewell played for Galatasaray in 2008. Once, he played for Leeds.

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Facts about Leeds United 9: the new head coach

Steve Evans was replaced by Garry Monk as the new head coach for Leeds United on June 2nd, 2016.

Leeds United

Leeds United

Facts about Leeds United 10: media

One of the media owned by Leeds United was Yorkshire Radio. In July 2013, the radio station was closed.

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