10 Facts about Legal Highs

Post On: December 21, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Legal Highs tell us about legal drugs or legal intoxicants. The drug laws do not prohibit the people to access the drugs for they are commonly and completely legal. In most countries in the world, alcohol is considered as the most consumed legal high. Some drugs are not banned which may include the drugs used by the indigenous people.  Let us check the types of legal highs in the world by reading the following post below:

Facts about Legal Highs 1: Mephedrone

It is okay for the people to own Mephedrone in several countries in the world.

Facts about Legal Highs

Facts about Legal Highs

Facts about Legal Highs 2: caffeine

One of the most consumed drugs in the world is caffeine. It can be found in soft drinks, tea and coffee. People enjoy consuming caffeine because it gives them energy and increases the alertness.

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Facts about Legal Highs 3: the legality of caffeine

In all countries in the world, caffeine is considered as a legal drug. It is included in the over the counter drug.

Facts about Legal Highs 4: nicotine

Nicotine can be found in the tobacco products. It is functioned as a stimulant. The usage of nicotine has been regulated. The adults can access the drug.

Legal Highs

Legal Highs

Facts about Legal Highs 5: the adults and tobacco products

The people who can buy the tobacco products should be at least 18 years old or 21 years old. In most countries in the world, the people who can purchase should be at least 15 to 21 years old.

Facts about Legal Highs 6: the banned tobacco

The heavy taxation is applied when tobacco is imported into a certain country in the world.



Facts about Legal Highs 7: Bhutan

Almost all countries in the world legalize the usage of tobacco products. Bhutan is the only country, which bans the sales of tobacco products.

Facts about Legal Highs 8: Ephedrine

Another type of legal high is Ephedrine. The plants included in the genus Ephedra produce the drug naturally. In 2004, the sales of ephedrine and ephedra for herbal supplements were banned by FDA.

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Facts about Legal Highs 9: cannabis

The states and countries, which legalize the possession of cannabis, are Oregon, Washington, North Korea, the Netherland and Alaska.




Facts about Legal Highs 10: the synthetic cannabis

The synthetic cannabis is available too.  They are used to improve the smoking products. In most cases, they are legal.

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