10 Facts about Leipzig

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Let me show you the 10th most populous city in Germany by reading Facts about Leipzig.  It is a home of 570,087 people.  The larger urban zone is inhabited by 1,001,220 people. In the federal state of Saxony, it takes the largest city. Since the Holy Roman Empire, Leipzig has been known as a trade city. Its location was strategic during the medieval era since the significant trade routes of Via Imperii and Via Regia were located at the intersection of Leipzig. Let us get other interesting facts about Leipzig below:

Facts about Leipzig 1: the center of culture and learning

Leipzig was considered as a center of culture and learning in Europe. The publishing and music were flourished in the city.

Facts about Leipzig

Facts about Leipzig

Facts about Leipzig 2: Leipzig after the World War 2

After the World War 2, Leipzig had declined economic and culture importance even though it served as the major urban center in East Germany.

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Facts about Leipzig 3: the fall of communism

The fall of communism in Easter Europe was contributed by Leipzig too. The city has been developed since the reunification of Germany. The modern transport infrastructure was established. The historical buildings were renovated too.

Facts about Leipzig 4: the economy

Leipzig plays a significant role for developing the national economy of Germany. It serves as the economic center.

Leipzig Images

Leipzig Images

Facts about Leipzig 5: the notable buildings to visit

There are various notable buildings to visit in Leipzig. One of the modern zoos in Europe is located at Leipzig Zoological Garden.  It is also a home of Oper Leipzig, a notable opera house in Germany.

Facts about Leipzig 6: the architectural building

If you are interested to look at the building dated back in 16th century, which displayed the Renaissance architecture, you can go to the historic central area of Leipzig. You can also spot the former houses of wealthy merchants and trading houses, which displayed the baroque style.

Leipzig Pic

Leipzig Pic

Facts about Leipzig 7: the tallest structure

The chimney of the Stahl- und Hartgusswerk Bösdorf GmbH earns the status as the tallest structure in Leipzig. It has the height of 672 feet or 205 meter.

Facts about Leipzig 8: the museums

Leipzig has a number of museums such as Musical Instrument Museum, The German Museum of Books and Writing, the Ethnography Museum, The Schillerhouse and Applied Arts Museum.

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Facts about Leipzig 9: Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach was one of the prominent composers and musicians in the world. In 1723 until his death, he settled in Leipzig. The research, works and documentation about him were kept in Bach Archive.

Leipzig Facts

Leipzig Facts

Facts about Leipzig 10: Südfriedhof

Südfriedhof or South Cemetery is considered as the largest cemetery in Leipzig. It covers 82 ha of area.

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