10 Facts about Lemon Trees

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Facts about Lemon Trees inform the readers about a citrus tree. It has a number of varieties. The one mainly planted in San Diego County is the Bonnie Brae. This tree is seedless, smooth and oblong.  The skin is thin. The common lemon found in the supermarket is the Eureka, which grows well all year around.  This lemon is abundant. The Eureka is also called as Quatre Saisons or Four Seasons because the tree can generate the flowers and fruits at the same time all years around. Let us check other useful facts about lemon trees below:

Facts about Lemon Trees 1: the variety

The variety of lemons is available for the domestic customers who want to plant distinctive trees. The green and yellow outer skin is spotted on the pink-fleshed Eureka lemon.

Lemon Flower

Lemon Flower

Facts about Lemon Trees 2: the native lemon tree in Italy

The native lemon tree of Italy is Sorrento or Femminello St. Teresa. It contains high amount of lemon oils. When people want to make limoncello, it is mostly used.

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Facts about Lemon Trees 3:  the Meyer

Another variant of lemon is the Meyer. The name is taken from Frank N. Meyer. It was considered as the cross of a lemon with a mandarin or orange. In 1908, the Meyer was introduced in United States of America.

Facts about Lemon Trees 4: the characteristics of the Meyer

Compared to the Eureka and Lisbon lemons, the Meyer lemons are less acidic and thinner. The people will not grow the Meyer for commercial purpose because the Meyer needs more care during the shipping.

Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

Facts about Lemon Trees 5: ‘Ponderosa’

Compared to the true lemons, the ‘Ponderosa’ are very sensitive to the cold weather.  The fruit is very large with thick skin.

Facts about Lemon Trees 6: the lemon oil

The lemon oil can be produced from the lemon. It will be applied in the aromatherapy industry. When people inhale the lemon aromatherapy, they feel relaxed even though it will not affect their immunity.



Facts about Lemon Trees 7: lemon in educational field

Lemon is also applied in the educational field. The people use lemon in an experiment to generate the electricity. It can only power a small digital watch due to the low amount of produced electricity.

Facts about Lemon Trees 8: an invisible ink

If you are interested to create an invisible ink, use the lemon.

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Facts about Lemon Trees 9: the countries, which produce lemon

In 2013, India produced 2.52 millions of tonnes of lemons. Other top producers are Mexico, China, Argentina, and Brazil.

Facts about Lemon Tree

Facts about Lemon Tree

Facts about Lemon Trees 10: the total production of lemon

The total production of lemon globally was 15.42 million tonnes in 2013.

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