10 Facts about Lemon Water

Post On: December 24, 2016
By: Agustina

Facts about Lemon Water tell the readers about the juice of lemon. When you mix the juice with water, the mixture will have sour taste. The juice contains five to six percent of citric acid. Besides the lemon water, people also take the rind and pulp from lemon. Both are suitable for baking and cooking. Various drinks in the world are created by using the sour taste of lemon juice. The notable types of drink and food created from lemon water are lemon meringue pie and lemonade. Let us find out other interesting facts about lemon water below:

Facts about Lemon Water 1: the source of vitamin C

Many people like to consume the lemon water because it contains high level of vitamin C.

Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Facts about Lemon Water 2: the daily value of lemon water

By consuming lemon water, the people can get 64 percent of vitamin C per 100 gram serving.

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Facts about Lemon Water 3: other contents of lemon water

Lemon water also contains terpenes and polyphenols. Both are included as phytochemicals.

Facts about Lemon Water 4: the citric acid concentration

Citric acid is not only found in lemon but also in other citrus fruits.  The juice of lemon contains 47 gram per liter of citric acid.



Facts about Lemon Water 5: the foods and drinks

Lemon is a significant fruit in the world for it can be used to create various kinds of drinks and foods.

Facts about Lemon Water 6: lemon water

The drinks such as cocktails, soft drinks and lemonade are created by using lemon water.

Facts about Lemon Water

Facts about Lemon Water

Facts about Lemon Water 7: cooking the fish

When people want to cook the fish, they will use lemon water in marinades. The level of amines on the fish will be neutralized using the citric acid of lemon water. When the fish is cooked, it tends to dry out.

Facts about Lemon Water 8: the usage of lemon water in UK

The people who live in UK frequently used lemon juice to make a pancake.

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Facts about Lemon Water 9: a short-term preservative

If you need a natural short-term preservative, use the lemon water. The fruits such as avocados, bananas, and apples, which turn brown, can be preserved using the lemon water.

Lemon Drink

Lemon Drink

Facts about Lemon Water 10: the mixture of lemon water and rind

You can make lemon liqueur, lemon curd and marmalade by mixing lemon water and rind.

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