10 Facts about Lenni Lenape

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Find out the complete information about a Native American tribe on Facts about Lenni Lenape. Today, they are considered as the Delaware people or nation. The older reference of these people is the Lenape or Lenni Lenape. The Lenni Lenape earns the status as the First Nations band government in Canada. People often call them as the Delaware Indians.

Facts about Lenni Lenape 1: the territory

The territory of Lenni Lenape covered the present day areas of eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The area is seen along the Lower Hudson Valley, western Long Island and Delaware River watershed.

Lenni Lenape People

Lenni Lenape People

Facts about Lenni Lenape 2: the newly introduced diseases

The newly introduced diseases like dysentery, influenza, smallpox, and cholera by the European people made the Lenni Lenape weak.

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Facts about Lenni Lenape 3: pushing Lenni Lenape

Lenni Lenape were pushed several times to move from their homeland. They had to travel west in 1700s. The expansion of European colonialism made the people left their homeland. The Lenni Lenape had to move farther west because of the American Revolutionary War.

Facts about Lenni Lenape 4: the Indian removal policy

The Indian removal policy also applied for the Lenni Lenape people. They were moved to the Indian Territory in 1860s.

Lenni Lenape Delaware

Lenni Lenape Delaware

Facts about Lenni Lenape 5: Lenni Lenape in 21st century

Most Lenni Lenape people settle in Oklahoma in 21st century. However, they can also be found in their homeland, Ontario and Wisconsin.

Facts about Lenni Lenape 6: the matrilineal system

The matrilineal system is applied as the kinship system of Lenni Lenape. The children will gain the identity and social status from the clan of their mother.

Lenni Lenape Chief

Lenni Lenape Chief

Facts about Lenni Lenape 7: the eldest brother

The male children in the family will consider the eldest brother of their mother as the most significant one. He served as their mentor. Their father was less important for he belonged to different clan.

Facts about Lenni Lenape 8: the hereditary leadership

The maternal line determined the hereditary leadership in Lenni Lenape. The leaders disapproved by the women elders could be eliminated.

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Facts about Lenni Lenape 9: the role of the women

The role of the women in Lenni Lenape was very significant. The women had the right to manage the agricultural land.

Lenni Lenape Pic

Lenni Lenape Pic

Facts about Lenni Lenape 10: the term Lenni-Lenape

The word Lenape means man or Indian.  The word Lenni has the meaning of original, genuine, real or pure.

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