10 Facts about Leptin

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The following Facts about Leptin will inform the readers a type of hormone produced by the adipose cells. The hunger feeling will be reduced due to the leptin for this hormone has the function to regulate the energy balance. The hormone ghrelin is opposed the function of Leptin for the former is known as the hunger hormone. The regulation of appetite in the body is at the hand of both hormones. Let us check other useful facts about Leptin below:

Facts about Leptin 1: the people with obesity

The sensitivity to Leptin is reduced on the people with Leptin. Even though the body has already stored high level of energy, the ability to detect the satiety is decreased.

Facts about Leptin

Facts about Leptin

Facts about Leptin 2: the function of Leptin

Leptin has various functions. The major one is related to the regulation of fats in the body. Actually, this hormone also takes part in the physiological processes.

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Facts about Leptin 3: the study about Leptin

A non-obese mouse had been used as a study in 1949 at Jackson Laboratory.  The mouse generated an offspring, which experienced hormone mutation, which affected the energy and hunger regulation.

Facts about Leptin 4: the massively obese mouse

The massively obese mouse developed the voracious eating habit because of the ob mutation. It was found in the mice homozygous.

Fat mouse

Fat mouse

Facts about Leptin 5: Douglas Coleman

Douglas Coleman identified the second mutation found on the mouse, which caused obesity in 1960s at Jackson Laboratory.

Facts about Leptin 6: the ob gene

The mapping of ob gene was reported by Rudolph Leibel and Jeffrey M. Friedman in 1990.



Facts about Leptin 7: the discovery of Leptin

The discovery of Leptin as the hormone, which reduced the hunger, was attributed for Coleman and Friedman. Therefore, both scientists received various awards such as the King Faisal International Prize, the Gairdner Foundation International Award, and the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award.

Facts about Leptin 8: the production of Leptin

The production of Leptin is found mostly in the white adipose tissue. The other parts of body, which produce the hormone, are the bone marrow, stomach, skeletal muscle, ovaries, placenta, brown adipose tissue and others.

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Facts about Leptin 9: Leptin in blood circulation

Leptin is available in free form when it is in the blood circulation.  In the midnight to the early morning, the blood has higher level of Leptin.

Leptin and Energy Balance

Leptin and Energy Balance

Facts about Leptin 10: the increased level of Leptin

Leptin can increase for various reasons such as the intake of insulin, dexamethasone and emotional stress.

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