10 Facts about Les Choristes

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If you are a fan of a drama film, look at Facts about Les Choristes. Have you watched this feature film before? The director of the German-Swiss-French movie was Christophe Barratier. In English, this movie released in 2004 was known as The Chorus. The writers were Christophe Barratier and Philippe Lopes-Curval.   The movie was the adaptation of La Cage aux rossignols (1945). Here are other interesting facts about Les Choristes:

Facts about Les Choristes 1: the plot

Pierre Morhange was the primary character portrayed by Jacques Perrin. When Morhange’s mother died, he had to come back to France. Actually, he was a successful orchestra conductor.

Les Choristes

Les Choristes

Facts about Les Choristes 2: Clément Mathieu

Clément Mathieu was another important character in the movie. He was the old music teacher of Fond de L’Étang where he established a choir in the school.

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Facts about Les Choristes 3: the nomination

Les Choristes earned the nomination for Best Original Song and Best Foreign Language Film during the 77th Academy Awards.

Facts about Les Choristes 4: the major characters

Clément Mathieu was the failed musician and supervisor portrayed by Gérard Jugnot. Violette Morhange portrayed by Marie Bunel was the mother of Pierre Morhange. Rachin, the strict headmaster of Fond de L’Étang was played by François Berléand.

Gérard Jugnot

Gérard Jugnot

Facts about Les Choristes 5: Christophe Barratier

Christophe Barratier was the director of Les Choristes. It was considered as his first feature film. Actually, he had made a short film with the title Les Tombales.

Facts about Les Choristes 6: the subject of his first feature film

Most ideas, which came to his mind, were related to his childhood. Moreover, he wanted to include music in the story since he was from a musical background.

Christophe Barratier

Christophe Barratier

Facts about Les Choristes 7: Barratier and Gérard Jugnot

Barratier shared his ideas to Gérard Jugnot. The actor liked it. The script was written by Barratier. However, Jugnot thought that it was too rough. Therefore, Philippe Lopes-Curval was involved in the script writing.

Facts about Les Choristes 8: the collaboration

The script was the collaboration between Barratier and Philippe Lopes-Curval. Both tried to deepen the psychology of each character in the movie and build up the story.

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Facts about Les Choristes 9: the young Pierre Morhange

The young Pierre Morhange in Les Choristes was portrayed by 12-year-old Jean-Baptiste Maunier who could sing.

Facts about Les Choristes

Facts about Les Choristes

Facts about Les Choristes 10: auditions

For the additional children characters, the casting director had 2000 auditions by visiting the primary and secondary schools in Clermont-Ferrand.

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