10 Facts about Les Paul

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Facts about Les Paul present the information about the notable American jazz country and blues guitarist. He was born on 9th June 1915 and died on 13th August 2009. His birth name is Lester William Polsfuss.  He was also known as an inventor and songwriter. Paul’s contribution to the rock and roll is the solid-body electric guitar. Let us find out other interesting facts about Paul by reading the following post below:

Facts about Les Paul 1: the early career of Paul

The early career of Paul was centered in country music. However, he developed himself to appear in popular music and jazz.

Les Paul 1947

Les Paul 1947

Facts about Les Paul 2: the recording innovations

Paul took the credit for some recording innovations.  The public was impressed with his mititrack recording, pashing effects, tape delays, and overdubbing.

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Facts about Les Paul 3: the playing skill as a guitarist

As a guitarist, Paul was skillful and innovative. Many guitarists today are inspired with the chording sequences, timing, fretting techniques, trills and licks of Les Paul.

Facts about Les Paul 4: sales

The record sales of Les Paul and Mary Ford, his wife reached millions in 1950s.

Facts about Les Paul

Facts about Les Paul

Facts about Les Paul 5: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

One of the major honors of Les Paul is located at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where he earned a standalone exhibit. He is the only person who received the honor in the National Inventors Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Facts about Les Paul 6: parents

His mother was Evelyn, while his father was George. Paul had German ancestry.

Les Paul Facts

Les Paul Facts

Facts about Les Paul 7: the musical instrument

Harmonica was the musical instrument that Paul played when he was 8 years old. He turned the attention to learn guitar after trying to learn playing piano.

Facts about Les Paul 8: a neck-worn harmonica holder

A neck-worn harmonica holder was invented by Paul, which enabled him to play guitar and harmony at the same time.

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Facts about Les Paul 9: the influence

Paul was a big fan of Django Reinhardt who had influenced his guitar style.  He made friend with him after the Second World War. He paid the funeral cost of Reinhardt when he died in 1953.

Les Paul in 2004

Les Paul in 2004

Facts about Les Paul 10: the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame

The famous Hollywood Walk of Fame gave Les Paul and Mary Ford a star in 1960.

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