10 Facts about Levi Coffin

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Find out the information about the American Quaker on Facts about Levi Coffin. He was born on 28th October 1798 and died on 16th September 1877. He was also known as the humanitarian, businessman and abolitionist.  Coffin earned the title as “President of the Underground Railroad” due to his active leadership of Underground Railroad in Ohio and Indiana.

Facts about Levi Coffin 1: the number of slaves

The number of slaves who had been cared by Coffin during their journey through the Underground Railroad was around 3,000 slaves.

facts about Levi Coffin

facts about Levi Coffin

Facts about Levi Coffin 2: the house of Coffin

The house of Coffin is entitled as the Grand Central Station of Underground Railroad. It is located in Fountain City, Indiana.

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Facts about Levi Coffin 3: the birthplace of Coffin

The birthplace of Coffin was located in North Carolina. Since he was a child, he had his point of view to oppose slavery.

Facts about Levi Coffin 4: relocating to Indiana

In 1826, Coffin and his family relocated to Indiana due to the Quaker persecution of slaveholders.

Levi Coffin home

Levi Coffin home

Facts about Levi Coffin 5: the life of Coffin in Indiana

Coffin was known as a farmer, merchant and businessman when he was in Indiana. In 1830s, Coffin became the director of branch of Second State Bank of Indiana called the Richmond due to his major investment.

Facts about Levi Coffin 6: the Underground Railroad operation

The Underground Railroad operated in Indiana was cared by Coffin because of his well-being in the community as well as his wealth. He was capable for supplying the transportation, food and clothes for the fugitive slaves.

Levi Coffin

Levi Coffin

Facts about Levi Coffin 7: moving to Ohio

Coffin decided to relocate to Cincinnati, Ohio because of the growth of anti slavery movement.

Facts about Levi Coffin 8: the activity in Ohio

Hundreds of fugitive slaves were cared by Coffin in his house in Ohio in 1847 until 1857.

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Facts about Levi Coffin 9: the abolishment of slavery

After the American civil war, slavery was abolished. Then Coffin decided to travel in a number of regions like Midwest, UK and France. He played an important role to establish the aid societies who educate the former slaves and give them funds, clothes and foods.

Catharine White Coffin

Catharine White Coffin

Facts about Levi Coffin 10: retirement

In 1870s, he left the public life. A year before his death, Reminiscences of Levi Coffin was published. It was his autobiography.

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